New ways to look at IT Equipment Financing

Today, I want to talk to you about your technology transformation.

I'm sure you are spending a lot of time talking about the various technologies, your vendors, and the capabilities that you need within your organization.

But I'd like to extend that conversation to include your investment decisions, because those decisions can have a larger impact on your transformation than you might imagine.

Many small businesses haven't unlocked the benefits of taking a different approach to their investment decisions and bringing technology into their environment.

Large corporations do this all the time.

There are many options, including traditional financing structures, subscription, pay-as-you-use, and many more that can help a business reach its business outcome goals.

Many focus solely on budget considerations, but there are many more benefits than simply a way to pay.

One, you can extend your budget reach, you can bring more technology into your environments to meet your needs today.

It allows you to pay overtime and bring hardware, software, and services into one contract.

And it can also help with process efficiencies.

Let's say you have multiple locations, but you don't have the resources to deploy everything at once.

You can put in an investment contract that allows you to extend the deployment over time and only pay for that equipment when you activate it.

And it provides a path for regular refresh on a scheduled timeline.

No longer do you have to worry about when you are going to upgrade the equipment, or how much it is going to cost.

That can be built into your long term technology strategy, and it also can make you a greener company.

When you pick a model that has a return built into it, you can work with your vendors to make sure that your technology is being used in an environmentally-friendly way and not simply sent to a recycler.

Another consideration that many small businesses don't usually consider is pre-owned technology.

Sometimes your entire infrastructure doesn't need to be the latest and greatest tech.

You can build pre-owned into your environment, into areas like run the business, non-revenue generating and shift that money that you would have spent in those areas to new innovation, focused on revenue and growth.

It's also a great Backup & Recovery and Contingency system option.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about what you can achieve by taking a different look at your investment decisions.

I hope I have spurred a few new ideas.

Source: Youtube