Managing disruption in financial services: a Mobey Day Toronto 2017 recap

– While Mobey is a global organization, it has found it easier to setroot in certain geographies.

There seems to be something about Canada and about this collaboration spirit that just made a lot of sense.

I think that's one of the main reasons that Mobey keeps returninghere, to Toronto.

(instrumental pop music) (instrumental pop music continues) – I think that the cross-pollination is really key to successand I think key to winning the hearts and minds of the consumers.

There's so much that can be learned through a big fintech partnership, so we partnered with CABCand we launched a partnership to power one click personal loan for them and also power their freecredit score product.

We were 16 people when we launched.

There were 160 peopleon CABC's product team.

And there's just like,so much great learning that I think really existed on both sides.

(instrumental pop music) – You only map the touchpoints you're aware of as an organization whereyou're currently interacting.

You're actually not doingyour job as an organization to understand how youcan impact the market, how you can impact consumers.

– The world is changing with things like Google and the iPhone.

Their expectation of whatwe're going to do has shifted, and we are trying to findour way in that world.

And the only way to do it is to introduce our business partners to themindsets of our customers.

– It's getting outside of your day to day and really trying tounderstand what you're doing from the perspective of the customer and what value can you add.

(instrumental pop music) – The paradigm of open banking is bringing the business of bankersbeyond what has been traditionally definedas (mumbles) providers.

How can banks reallybuild intelligent systems that can offer personalized experiences when the user interactsthrough their mobile device? The open banking paradigm is going to help banks overcome that lack of data.

– The fintechs provide anopportunity for the banks because all of this changewill have to be focused on the customer and how dothings become customer centric? Customer centric is not alwaysan easy thing for a bank to achieve, but working incollaboration with partners there is an opportunity to marryboth sides of those worlds.

(instrumental pop music) – Using blockchain technologies,not just for cyber currency but also in other kindsof solution problems is you could havemultiple people connected to the same system solving a problem where you have resilience against the Nile of service attacks, whereyou have immutability, where you have proofs thatwork and last a long time.

So people are findingthat this core technology that started, I guess kind of as bitcoin, has all kinds of applicabilityto other businesses.

(instrumental pop music) – I think people who are afraidof AI are missing the point.

Human resources will bemore precious than ever because without humanbeings we won't be able to figure any of these things out.

(instrumental pop music) – Having different opinionsand different views and different backgroundsin a room to challenge your either preconceived beliefsaround your business model, around your product, oraround your consumers, sometimes can be uncomfortable.

And sometimes there's a level of comfort around surrounding yourselves with people who have similar views to you.

You don't have to debate orchallenge things as much, but the end result isthat you're gonna end up with an inferior productor an inferior business.

(instrumental pop music) – I've been in a taxi where youjust turn your microphone on and that guy sittingin the front has his– that person has a microphone on and your speaker makes some noises and the money is just moved across.

You can do the same byjust scanning your QR code, picking a bottle ofwater, and just leaving.

So these things haveactually already proven that you don't need to be in that card not present sort of scenario.

The token is always in the cloud and you don't have to worry about it.

(instrumental pop music) (instrumental pop music continues).

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