Heart For the House! Financing the Next Generation | Leon Fontaine 2019

amenwell welcome today we want to welcome the other campuses of Springs it's greatto have you guys with us through that big screen and I believe God's going totouch you in a very special and a very profound way father today as we takethis time in our service to go into your word I pray that the respect thereverence the awe that we would have for you for your word would just touch eachperson and then father these truths would go deep and change our very livesI pray this in your wonderful name Amen I want to talk today about financing thenext generation financing the next generation there's a difference I havenoticed as a pastor over the decades of how different generations handletemptation first generation Christians who come out of the world who'veexperienced the pain the heartache that sin doesn't work they have their uniqueas Christians second generation Christians are very unique as well butthey have different kinds of temptations and if you don't understand that you canraise your kids wrong the Bible says very clearly train up a child in the wayhe should go and when he is older he won't move away from it and of coursethat is true God's Word impacts it but what is more definitively pointedlyabout that verse is that it's talking about the bent of a child but you cannoterase your kids each of them exactly the same way you raised the first onebecause they have different gifts and abilities they have different and uniquetemptations personality types and so many of us as parents would like to lumpthem all together because Sally I had five and we'd like just raise themlike a herd here comes the herd of kids give all the kids the same herd foodgive them all the same herd teaching give them all the same herd you knowexercise and the Bible is actually teaching the opposite it doesn't saytrain up them as a group or a herd it says train up ah a singular child mustbe looked at and so parents must understand and look and recognize andlisten that as that singular child grows up that you are to launch that singularchild into the world and if you want to then you're gonna have to raise tosingular children in their own specific bents if you want three you're gonnahave to raise three if you don't get on birth control because you are to raiseevery child uniquely in their bent for God and be able to answer theirquestions and deal with them with their issues my mom tells a story to me thatreally impacted me as a young man when she told me the story of what growing upas a teenager was like for her actually it was younger than that as a littlegirl the only memory she has of her father as a drunken bully hurting hermom and her cowering under a table or having her mom rushed her and hersiblings into a room to get them away from the from the fighting in the andthe attack and so she grew up after that in a single home and looked at the worldin its partying and it's out you talk to her about alcohol you're in troublebecause alcohol to her only means something horrible and as afirst-generation Christian the only thing that she really had to determine Imean I don't mean this in his but is is God faithful is God real does his wordwork and I've watched her and this is just my analysis not her she mightdisagree but I've watched her have this incredible acumen for the word she wantsto know the word she wants to know what is like because she had to become herfather because she didn't know what it was like to be raised in a Christianhome now I was raised along with my four brothers in a home that only knew theblessing of God neither me nor my four brothers could ever use our parents asan excuse for any of our trips off into sin because they loved us they taught usthe word they prayed with us each night they did I mean I could just go tothrough a list of the incredible parenting but now we knew it from ayoung age that we could trust God that God was real but we were very tempted bythe very things that my mother abhorred she abhorred the partying the alcoholwell there wasn't much drugs back then but I mean alcohol was the main drug andand sex outside of marriage and all the things that people would look to thepleasure there was just she could just couldn't stand even the thought of itbecause of what it did to her family into her but now us five boys grew upand all we know is a beautiful church wonderful people great friendshipsknowing Jesus knowing Christ but now the temptation is maybe the world's kind offun and second-generation kids if you don't deal with them properly you'regonna discover that you can't just throw my church and raise them up for God andthink they're gonna be fine every one of them individually is going to take timeas you begin to learn what they're thinking and how they're feeling andwhat they're looking at into their future because you got to train up thatchild in the way that they should go and so as I recognized how tempted I was buteverything the world had I go that's kind of coolI mean it must be cool to go to parties that must be cool to go out and get justdrunker than a skunk it must be a lot of fun listening to all my friends to besmoking dope and getting high it must be cool to get out to their parties and Imean there's just clothes everywhere and sex everywhere I mean they made it looklike their life was a lot of fun but lucky for me I had really anchoredmyself in the word and I would look around and study my friends lives and itwas all talk and so when Salvin eyes kids came alongwe were determined to teach them the word and to spend a lot of time showinghim the wages of sin I would go home from st.

Mary's Road with my kids afterchurch and salad I on and I would always go the Main Street route and I'd showthem who was staggering down the street I remember one time a woman having a manby the back of their head in the pants and repeatedly bashing his face into thebrick wall as I pulled over to stop it I could seeteeth on the sidewalk and my kids eyes are this big and just as I pulled up thepolice came in behind me and so I was just got back in and I walked and andthey say dad why you keep driving us down this road because I wanted you tosee the wages of sin so you don't have to experience them I would drive downthe streets or in the middle of winter time you'd see a little baby in a diapertwo years old in the cold walking no clothes because mom and dad are sostrung out on drugs and then have to find their home or call the police tocome help me and just give them the child because this child is runningaround we'd see little kids running around together with my and all thedifferent anywhere I could go and drive them by if we were gonna watch a moviethat had sit in it I would say can't remember that part right there let'stalk about that you think it's really that cool to do that and we were justtalking I wanted them to know there's a god who's amazing and Wonder but I wantthem to know there's a devil who will tempt you off of your destinyhe will tempt you by making it look as if money sex drugs alcohol there'ssomething greater and better than Jesus and the house of God and that is one ofthe things that Sal and I purposefully focused on we didn't give him a wholebunch of you can't do this we would just teach them in a beautiful loving way thethings that we had seen with our lives I want you to know that the churchaccording to Jesus Christ is the hope of the future the Church of Jesus Christlet me read you in Ephesians chapter 1 verses 17 to 23 it says but I do morethan thank I asked I asked the God of our masterJesus Christ the god of glory to make you intelligent discerning in knowinghim personally your eyes focused and clear so that you can see exactly whatit is he's calling you to do he's calling you to do something folks canyou grasp the enormity the immensity of this glorious way of life that he hasfor Christians you see I begin to be tempted by mum and dad's life and thejoy and the light I didn't understand how amazing our life was when I was ateenager I thought there had that they had it out there I mean the laughter thejoy the getting together the church the youth the kids the family I mean theChristmases the birthdays I was so spoiled and blessed I have no idea butget the people in the world who were unhappy and growing up in homes and justparty and drugs and sex who felt so empty they had this way of talking thatmade it look as if I had nothing and they had everything Bible says herewe've got to grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life that he has forChristians oh the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him endlessenergy boundless strength and all this energy issues in Christ all this energyissues from Christ all this energy issues from Christ all this energyissues from Christ what energy the extravagance the joy the blessing thepleasure the power the ability from Christnot from dope not from alcohol not from sex not from all these other not frommoney not from immense you being the man withthe highest position all of this issues from Christ God raised him from deathset him on a throne in deep heaven in charge of running the universeeverything from galaxies to governments no name and no power exempt from hisrule someone asked me the other day do you think there's life onI said I don't know but if there is Jesus Christ is Lord there too so don'teven worry about it all this energy issues from Christ God raised him fromdeath set him on a throne in deep heaven in charge of running the universeeverything from galaxies to governments no name and no power are exempt from hisrule and not just for the time being but forever he is in charge of it all hasthe final word on everything the same guy goes what if a spaceship appearedabove your church Leon I said dude the name of Jesus would work on it too Jesusis the Lord of galaxies it says this the mendel ass is amazing it's at the centerof all this Christ rules the church the church you see and this is Ephesianschapter 1 it's not peripheral to the world we all think this goes do R let'sdo it do our careers let's go do our things and let's fit Church in and bythe word church he doesn't mean only the organized church he's talking about thepeople that follow Christ because lots of people go to church who don't followChrist he's saying here the world is peripheral to the church the church isthe center it is the only reason that world is still going is because thechurch exists on the planet if the church ever leaves this planet if thereever was no church if they ever could stamp out the church and have it killedand gone or whatever the world would begin a death roll because it is theChurch of Jesus Christ and the world is peripheral to that he is always has apeople it doesn't matter how dark it got from the Dark Ages to the worst timethrough the bubonic plague through Wars and all the thingshave happened God is always on this planet had a people that trusted himknew him that preserved his word and we've got to recognize that the churchis Christ's body in which he speaks and acts by which he fills everything withhis presence what does the church did you know that the Church of Jesus Christwhich is you and I that we fill wherever we go with this presence where you workthat companies blessed if you know Jesus you know where we live thatneighborhoods bless what country were in that country is blessed because we'rethere and we know how to pray and we're worshiping Jesus and we're buildingsomething called church because jesus said I will build my church oh I don'tmean some judgmental analytical finger pointing religious you know quagmire I'mtalking about a life-giving church that loves you the way you are and acceptsyou the way you are and forgives you when you hurt me and it just leaves youto Jesus because he's the only guy that can help you and he loves you too muchto leave you the way you are when you study the Bible Satan is always afterthe next generation when baby Moses was born one of the greatest things wasabout to happen a massive exodus of God's people out of slavery to thepromised land and the enemy seemed to know that and he had Pharaoh kill everybaby boy that was born when you read this in the scripture it says that theEgyptians forced the Israelites to throw baby boys into the Nile with crocodilesthere was no hope they would just take them from you and they would throw themthey killed them child after child after child when Jesus was born the wise menhad a conversation with Herod as he pointedly tried to find out who is thisking that you're coming to bow down to with all these camels of wealth thatyou're going to give to him and he figured out the timeframe that the thewise men had spoken to him about and he immediately killed every baby boy underthe age of two prophetically the Bible sayscould hear them crying the tears of the mothers as two years of baby boys werekilled but that's what the enemy is like he will cause leaders who do not knowChrist to do things that are awful Jesus is building his church and thechurch needs to understand the next generation is the only hope for theChurch of Jesus Christ how do we raise our kids how do we look after ourgrandkids what are we doing in our volunteerism in our giving what are wedoing Moses was a man who taught the next generation because we remember whenthe ten spies said the Giants are too big and everybody over 20 it took them40 years to die off and Moses Joshua and Caleb job for the next 40 years was totake everybody under the age of 20 and teach them about the Word of God so thatwhen they got back to the edge of the promised land they would believe thattheir God would take them through and he did but did you know that when you studythat when Moses died Joshua this amazing man took them into the Promised Land butwhen Joshua died the Bible says in Joshua the last quarter of the chaptersthat the next generation did not know God or his mighty works now listen to methe greatest fighting force that ever existed on the planet you know wellmaybe with David but at that time was Joshua because they went in and took outa race of giants killed them when after the cities and fought but when Joshuadied the next generation didn't know what was going on the men were so busyfulfilling their duty to go provide to fight to protect to build and to takeover that they forgot to look after their own kids and the next generationdidn't know God now as we get to the end of Joshua you get to a period of Judgeswhere he had brought judge after judge after judge and the fight was awful it'slike one man or woman would rise up as the judge of Israel and good thingswould happen man is soon as they died the next generationwouldn't serve God it happened over and over every chapter multiple times in therecords he gives us the Old Testament for our learning to understand that wemust live as parents we must teach our children in a way that they can rise upthe next generation and be better go further do more than we did when youlook at David there was a story where David came home with his his army thisis before he became the king and all their wives and children were taken andthe men were so hurt so upset they were going to kill David their leader theBible says David encouraged himself in the Lord and he asked God what should Ido he's got his wife his kids are goneprobably dead he doesn't know what happened in warfare back then was brutalbecause we asked God and God said to him you go chase that army down with yoursix hundred men because I'm going to give everything back that they took hetold his men and they took off they got to a little Brook beasts or somethinglike that which means cheerful and two hundred of the six hundred men armedwarriors she said you know we're just too tired to go on we're gonna stay herenow I have a problem with this because four hundred men went on and took out anentire army I mean literally wiped them out and one and found all of thechildren all of the women all of the wealth and then all of their wealth andthe four hundred brought it back to the two hundred now we had some pretty upset400 men they told David we are not sharing the wealth with the guys who satby the brook cheerful looking for a little bit of cheer sitting by a nicelittle comfortable waterhole well we went off to fight in the desert so theycan have their kids and wives back but we're not giving them any of the wealththat we want and Dave yeah you are David was an amazing leaderthat way I just want to say out of this story that we can get weary inwell-doing as men and as women you know the Bible when it talks about men andmuch of it it's talking about mankind man mankind and so the women warriors weare a church that believes totally that God raises up a mint amazing women ofGod and the Bible teaches us at all through the New Covenant as well so herewe've got 200 men who can't find the energy to save their kids we've got 200men that can't find the energy to go save their wives and I want to just saysomething to parents as a whole that when you become weary in well-doing tooweary to do something good you're in trouble am I in trouble with God I think Jesusdealt with that but your generations are in trouble because the next generationdoesn't do what you say the next generation does what you doMoses taught the next generation Joshua ignored it David not only didthat he financed it as we close you go to what David did and in 1st chronicleschapter 22 it's kind of stunning because he says Solomon my son is young andinexperienced I'm gonna make preparations for him the house of Godmust be magnificent I will now make preparation for God's house in this nextgeneration then you go to 1st chronicles 22 and it was saying and it goes on totalk about how much he began to finance the next generation now for times sakeit's gonna go down there's some amazing truths and first chronicles 22 as a dadprepares his kids for the future but just as far as the wealth goes becauseso many Christians are stuck in a poverty mentality that you know God madebeautiful beaches but not for me to go there God gave us the ability to teachbrilliant University but doesn't mean I can afford to send mykids there we have so kind of a poverty mentality in church today that I justreject I just refuse and because of that we as a church are doing things in 12languages around the world and television and all the other thingswe're seeing God do as we refuse to accept this but as you look at this ittalks about I wanted to find this one area where it talks about how much goldhe gave the next generation it says 7 and 1/2 million pounds of gold youdidn't hear that are you just brains going look tilt like mine I mean we kindof measure it by the ounce today they measured it by the talent you know ahundred thousand talents there's 136 pounds per talent then but besides sevenand a half million pounds of gold 75 million pounds of silver so much bronzeand iron they couldn't weigh it so much wood was packed up Cedar's from tyre andsidon they couldn't even count them so much stone that they didn't count themeither and if you've ever been to the to Israel and and look at the Temple Mountand saw what that temple looks like I mean one block of stone I don't know howthey got it there I mean it's just stunning to the mind and then to realizewhat that place must have looked like and back then because they did it in aphysical way today it's a type of us saying we must for the next generationbe able to build into our kids how crucial Jesus is how crucial the churchthat Jesus is building is if you're not in a life-giving Church get to one butonce you're in one put your roots down start to volunteers start to give raiseup your kids plug them in because this was Jesus idea what it coming togetherworshiping together learning the word together having gifted teachers teachyou having difficulty teach kids having to get the singers sing and all thedifferent gifts and abilities that would would help people out in the church andthen every one of you is supposed to have a dream and that dream is to whatyou're gonna do outside the church walls somebody's gonna be in acting so you'regonna be in politics I'm you're gonna be in business whatever it is but there's adream that you should be hanging on to as to whatlife should look like and then we all get back together to be encouraged andtaught the word and we'll all volunteer to help out and in God's house but thenwe go back out with what God's called us to do to be salt and light to a worldthat is dying and and I just want to understand that we need to be fathersand mothers in the house the Bible says there's many teachers but few fathers ofTimothy the Apostle Paul says you've got the faith of your grandmother and yourmother so tell me dads are the only importantones here we need to rise up in this church and make sure you know we've beenat this now for 25 years we love the things we've built we see what God isdoing we're moving in directions but this is not the time to do like Joshua'sgeneration did and just rest down and go well we look what's going on hereno it's to recognize that in one generation the Bible teaches us all forthe book of Judges you can lose an entire country in one generation you canlose everything that's been built in the generation before that is why the Bibleis filled with books just google the or just go in and check out the wordgeneration and do a word search in the Bible and see how many times it talksabout generations and generation and generations and what we were to do withthe next generation today we've been talking now for a couple of months ifyou're new here we've been talking for a couple of months so this is the date theSunday that we're all gonna go above something that we've been giving youregularly and we want to give to the next generation the end of this year thebeginning of 2020 a whole bunch of new things are gonna rise up there's thingswe need to do as we look to touching Canada or leave Canada the way it is andsee where it's going when someone when God gives you a television station andwhen you got schools and churches and and all this ability to go to a nationand to the world then we've got to recognize to whom much is given much isrequired God's promises are to our generationstoday I want you to realize that we live in a world where everyone talks abouttheir rights and their privileges someone said to be living i I just needa few more things in this church if I'm gonnato build community I need community I need friends IIIi was all seven eyes Isaid you're right you should probably find another Church she was shocked atwhat I said we got so many things going on for community here what do you wantto do like walk them to your house cook it for you put them in the seat in yourbuilding and and try to get you to be friends actually church isn't about yougoing out on some kind of a cruise ship churches a war ship and it's aboutwinning the loss and raising you up to be the worst weapon against the enemythat could ever happen to him yes we have amazing community but it's the kindof community that a band of brothers gets from fighting a war together it'sthe kind of community that come from being Navy SEALs all trained in the sameplace and fighting for the same country it's the kind of community that comesfrom having a passion so big that as we meet and laugh and love and and hang outtogether that there's something that guides us forward and that's what Jesushas called us to so it's not about our rights and privilegesit's about our responsibilities and our duties you had taught on much today knowwhat I mean duties I don't even like the word well then you'd better go back toreading the Bible because there's a responsibility that I have to the visionthat God's put in my heart there's a responsibility you have to the visionGod's put in your heart we have a duty duty and responsibility aren't bad wordssharing the other day that so many people think that you know when I askedthem what do you want for your kids and they wonderfully say without knowing Ijust want them to be happy I go wrong answer no one used to say that years agothey would say I want them to understand honor and integrity I want them tounderstand to be truthful and to be caring I want them to love others andcare about others I want them to take responsibility I want them to rise upwith a sense of duty because that's what will keep you keep you grounded to behappy well if all I want you to be is happy well getting stoned makes me happybut why not have all been in city can make you happy for a while the pleasuresof sinner for a season it means they end what's our duty what's ourresponsibility so many of us have moved from biblical truth to psychology andhere we have doctors and psychiatrists and counselors and they love God I'mAnders they're the ones that tell me stuff about this so we love the factthat they're in that field but psychology is always trying to changethe old man psychology is dealing with this huge guilt problem that they tiealmost every malady to guilt and I'm sorry if I'm simplifying this andwrecking this entire science but just me talking right now many of them think toget rid of the guilt just call it normal and they'll be okay whatever they feelashamed of whatever they you know they just grab and have them deal with thisguilt it's normal you're good you're cool hasn't worked hasn't workedgeneration after generation are gonna just fail Jesus teaches us that ifyou're in Christ the old man's dead old things have passed away behold allthings have become new the Bible teaches us in Jeremiah 10 19 whoa was me from Ihurt my wound is severe but I say truly this is an infirmity and I must bear itOh Lord I know the way of a man is not in myself it is not in man who walks todirect his own steps we need God we need a relationship with Jesus Christ theBible says I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not i but it isChrist who lives in me the life which I now live I live by faith in the Son ofGod who loved me gave himself for me I do not set aside the grace of God forif righteousness comes through the law then Christ died in vain as you look toGod's Word folks Jesus is the answer for the world today there is no other answerdoesn't matter how many behavior new counseling's things are able tobuild doesn't matter what they're able to do they will never fix the old manyou can sit him in a chair for 40 hours of counseling for 40 years and you'llnever be able to fix the old man that old you on the cross died with Jesus andto believe on Christ as Savior and Lord is to die to a fear nature and toembrace the nature of God and in that is the foundation for a healthy heart arenewed mind this is what our children need to learn so stop thinking theuniversities are so smart and the churches are so dumb and recognize thefoundation of life is Jesus Christ you know the heart the Bible says is theportal to another dimension the spiritual kingdom of God and that whenwe began understand the kingdom of God we begin to literally walk in the powerand the economy of heaven even while being on the planetthe Bible's brilliant the Bible's special the Bible's amazingthe Bible has truth yes some people turn it to law and religion to judge peoplewith but when you've discovered Jesus as your Lord and Savior you've all suddenrealized he is the Lord he judges the universe he runs the galaxies it's hischurch I'm telling you it's exciting today we've been talking for months nowabout doing a special offering that today we would look at this and say canwe give to the generations that are ahead when you take a look at all therooms around here that are filled with kids to the youth that are meeting inanother building you realize how crucial they are did you know that according toSTATS 90% of the Christians today were born again before the age of 20 is thatinteresting Hitler went after the kids every evil ruler went after the childrenknowing the next generation was he to their longevity and we as thechurch we must recognize the church is not about what our generation built herein what we've done here that's nothing we look ahead and we recognize thatthere are our kids you want to hurt me break my arm you want to really hurt mebetray me but if you want to astoundingly hurt me touch my kidsthat's how the enemy does it he goes after your kids and Joshua I justthought that well we're so great and so amazing our kids will just be the sameway and they weren't and today there's a crises of faith amongst the churchesteens eighty-five percent according to an old statistic are turning on theirfaith once they hit university and see all the laughter and all the picking onand the professor's enough and others do the church needs to rise up with answersand I believe Springs is one of them and so today's very important to us as welook ahead and we say hey how are we going to reach them well kids don'tspell love l.



E they spell love t IM e we're gonna have to trim our livesdown to spend time with our kids to be a part of a life-giving organization likethis spring's is very special very beautiful I know that and I'm not sayingit bragging cuz I have so little to do with it it is Jesus that builds hischurch and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it and whatever gifts Ihave or they have or you have or the TV cameras have or the room back therefilled of computers getting it around the world or someone teaching kids orthe security teams keeping everything safe or or the singing the acting thebusiness the politics those are all gifts from God to build his church butit is still Jesus building his church.

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