Disruption Banking | The Future of Finance and Banking

We are witnessing one of the biggest disruptions in our finance environment, the same that we can probably compare only to the introduction of real money versus goods exchange.

Moving from a traditional economy to a fully digital one is a critical step forward and on the one hand it, of course, creates lots of opportunities and it changes the way we are behaving in our world.

At the same time, it is also exposing several vulnerabilities in the way humans operate with IT systems so it is extremely important to look what is happening out there, which Fin-Tech companies are available, what kind of solutions they are proposing to the audience but at the same time to always keep in mind what kind of security implications it has got.

We are living now in very interesting times actually, because the business model of banks, traditional banks as Citi Bank, ING, PKO is changing A very interesting thing is how the banks will change they models because currently they have to compete not only with other banks, but they also have to compete with electronic platforms which also offer similar kind of services as the traditional banks, so I think that a very interesting would be to see how the whole banking is changing and to which direction it will change.

Source: Youtube