Antenna Aligner Financing featuring 3Z Telecom

hi I'm Josh with GME supply and in thisvideo we're going to talk about equipment financing for antenna alignersand tenon aligners can get pricey but they're becoming a required piece ofequipment for most tower crews luckily our financing options help to ease thepain of dropping thousands of dollars on a single piece of specialized equipmentand the process is simple after an application fee of $75 you'll sign acontract for a 12 month financing term a personal guarantee is required to ensurethat the payments will be made then there are three simple steps firstthere's a 20% down payment which will be considered the first month's paymentlet's say you'd like to finance a 3Z RF vision antenna alignment tool itretails for around $7,000 20% of that would make your down payment$1,400 for your monthly payments we will subtract the down payment from theequipment costs and divide that number by 11 so for your $7,000 total wesubtract that $1,400 down payment and then we're left with five thousand sixhundred dollars divide that by eleven and we're looking at a monthly paymentof $509.

96 and the equipment cannot be paid off before the 12-month term ifyou'd rather set up a line of credit we do have credit options that are tailoredto the size and scope of your business you can find more information aboutthose options at gme supply.

Com slash financing if you have any more questionsor think this is the right option for you contact our gear experts or visit usat gme supply.

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