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Who invented these exams? These exams!These exams.

Over excited a little, right? So.

Who invented these exams? Now let us know the reason behind invented these exams.

Henry Fischel was the person who invented the 'EXAMS'.

He was a Philosopher.

He divided the exams into two models.

Exterior and interior.

Likewise, he has been called a Philosopher of Examinations.

Henry A.

Fischel implemented this examination system perfectly than him.

Both of their names are similar, right? But this man died recently on 20th March 2008.

He worked as a professor of Eastern languages in the Indian University Do you know which is the country that has implemented the exams for the first time? Anciant China The name of the first exam conducted by them is an Imperial Examination.

They conducted this exam as a national wide standard test.

This exam is conducted by Sui Dynasty in 605 AD.

The reason behind conducting this test is.

In their country, this test was conducted to select the candidates for the government jobs.

In 1905, Qing Dynasty introduced adaptations of the examination system in all the countries.

But England had adopted this examination system in 1806.

Why they adopted this system at that time itself means.

In those days, as there were no better educated candidates to count the profits earned by the queen of that country.

They adopted this examination system.

Likewise, the concept of examination became popular.

Friends! Your thoughts on the one who invented and the one who implemented this examination system.

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