What’s great about working in Finance?

On a day-to-day basis I do a lot of businessplanning and modeling based on spreadsheets, looking after team Seven, doing transactionalitems and legal requirements from payroll to billing clients, dealing with people allaround the business on any financial related activity.

It's pitching to new clients orcreating across the board anything they require really relating to finance.

The worst part to working in finance oftenis the routine.

All finance departments work on a monthly routine where you work throughthe month so a deadline due to an assessment of accounts, and for a lot of people in thatconstant chair doing the same thing month on month can be quite a drag, and get to peopleafter a while.

The skill really is to be able to inject some differences and give peopledifferent roles and ad hoc duties to do.

There is a element of it being a bit of a thanklessjob.

No one ever says thank you for getting their pay right, for example, but you getone person's pay wrong in one month in five years and no one ever forgets.

So it is adisaster.

Correctly that is how it should be.

It's impossible to get these things right.

I think the best thing about my role is thefeeling of adding value to the business and that can be a financial way of making moremoney.

It can be helping to win new clients or to retain an existing client and just generallyadd to the company and see that my opinion has value and help shape the way the companygoes forward.

The sort of work that we do, we do some amazing work, some amazing clients.

The environment you work in, the people you work with makes a huge difference.

That'sthe reason why I like working at Seven.

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