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Com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the jobs and careers of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited – WBSEDCL It was initially the West Bengal state electricityboard or WBSEB which was the electricity board owned by the state of West Bengal in India.

By 1955, 1st of May the electricity board was formed and by 2007, 31st of March it wasdisbanded.

After the breakup, two companies was formed namely the West Bengal State electricitytransmission company (WBSETCL) and West Bengal State electricity distribution company (WBSEDCL).

Under the West Bengal power reform scheme 2007 the split was brought to effect in theyear 2007.

The WBSEDCL takes responsibility for the transmission of power of about 33Kvlevel and below.

The WBSEDCL is the chief power utility andprovides power for about 96% of West Bengal state from industries to villages.

They arevital as they serve customer of about1.

65 crores across the state.

The whole networkcovers about 19 regional offices, 5 zones490 customer care centers, and 67 distributiondivisions.

The best part of WBSEDCL is that it has accomplished a profit of about Rs 95.

13crore in the year 2010-11.

To be environment friendly and palliate short power supply theyhave set up Purulia pumped storage project which possess a capacity of about 900MW hydelpower.

They also have the best customer care serviceswho work to assist the customers who need help regarding any hassles with the electricityboard.

The website is the best and beneficial part of WSSEDCL as they offer all detailssuch as contact numbers for all zones required for the customers.

The website also providescomplete details regarding new connection, safety tips, contact details and lot morefor the welfare of the customers.

Obtaining a job is such a prominent and prestigiousgovernment company can be the best job for any candidate.

There are various job rolesavailable at West Bengal state electricity distribution company Ltd and a few of themare assistant engineers, special officers, executive trainees, junior executive, officeexecutive and more job opportunities are available.

This government owned company demands a GATEscore for posts like assistant engineers and executives.

Candidates should possess a fouryear full time engineering degree in electrical or three year B.


degree with related subjectslike power engineering, physics, electrical and electronics and lot more.

In the samemanner each role as a specified eligibility condition which can be glimpsed through thewebsites.

In the same manner online links are available where the candidates can downloadand read through the instructions before applying.

They need to apply and enroll for GATE examin order to be eligible for these categories of jobs.

The salary is best in industry andthey are also offered with more benefits and remunerations.

Candidates seeing for government job in WBSEDCL should keep an eye on the various recruitmentposts that are posted on various job sites.

They recruit engineers in bulk for their processand hence prior preparation for test and interview along with a perfect GATE score is mandatory.

There are a number of sites which offers complete details about the job roles in WBSEDCL.

Graduatesneed to check their eligibility and grab the opportunity once announced.

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