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hey guys going to speak to chef video marketing strategy that that and today's video is about information and marketing overload on the internet please stay tuned you coming back you know I'm pretty serious about this because I kind of see a trend that's happening in my field and that's marketing and advertising online is that this is just all of a sudden and i know the numbers and statistics of why we do what we do or what digital marketers are doing today I know the numbers i know the statistics to why but i think in the end it's gonna hurt the industry as much as the overload of commercials and advertising and TV and cable so he's reality right if you look at the numbers you don't have to check me go online and check it out the number of people watching TV commercials is diminished so much that the companies that produce these commercials for the cable companies are fast basically giving it away and that's why you see so many numbers you have to death they actually up the number of commercials so they can make money because nobody's watching him but in the end food just driving people away i'll give you an example with the advent of dvrs commercial to cut out people football game take for instance rate you watching a football game without a DVR you let it go five attendant before you can start the game because you wiped out all that time limit all the commercials are removed on the other end like me I can't handle any more commercials are so sick of the commercials on TV that I put on TV shows the same time when one show ends are watching our goals to commercial and cut and i watch something else now in the marketing world as should be in the advertising world that is they know you don't want to drive people away from that channel because if you do they may find the other channel just it's important i'm not coming back and I'm not watching your verses are not watching television same thing I think is happening and it's going to continue to happen in the digital marketing will give an example to i might get an email from a company or a website or blog about a specific topic I don't know who they are the blood comes any the email comes into me I see the heresy the body is ok non-interest that money clip I go to this particular webpage might be a landing page might be blocked page whatever the case may be usually blog and before I get a chance to read the title a pop-up occurs asking me to do a call-to-action try it up do this do that guys don't know who you are I don't even know what the article is now I know the numbers above all trades I don't understand you know five seconds oh you got a problem here but NP end of the day it's supposed to be kids found marketing marketing where you're not obviously attacking people like alcohol marketing does advertising commercials but we're actually doing them we're doing the same thing that's the same thing when somebody leaves on a website ar-ar-ar-ar blog and they were immediately accosted with a call to action right away that's the same thing as advertising st.

Louis people now know it and then click on it i click on it you know one of my favorite websites are actually into web site but having a great loss is force I'll get notices an email our Forbes article comes up click on it i'm going to watch pages on the page has nothing to do with the article that I want to read it's a full-blown marketing and advertising of the whole bunches that's totally confusing but if you look at the right it says your story was about 10 seconds or whatever 15 seconds I don't want that that's not why I went there for you were supposed to drive me here for inbound marketing to get a glimpse into what you're talking about so i can learn something by it and then I'll decide if I want more I want to do whatever but you that that theory is just like advertising we are now in the process of becoming advertisers and scared me a little bit because I can see the trend going the way of advertising and commercials so that's my great for today and that if you feel the same way please respond to these send me a comment i will reply ask me about anything in the marketing world and I'd be happy to create a video based upon your questions so again I Victor shet video marketing strategy that network based in Rhode Island and all i can say is have a wonderful 2017 and prosperous healthy 2017 and we'll see in the next video.

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