Viral Mailer Meine Erfahrungen mit Viarl Mailer 2017

My experiences with Viral mailer yes hey jans is here I want you my experiences introduced with the viral mailer viarl-mailer and although we see it the same on my labtop back to the same as, and already we are on my labtop and you can see here I am at viral-mailer.

Com and here on the advertising you can already see we can here 300 advertising e mails send and indeed can you make the free need to watch her before ye the first time you have logs you necessarily a new gmail address a gmail address for this viral mailer also get advertising for sale or for any other viral mailer for you will without end and when you open these emails and to link clicks then gets her points D represents and can again emails I send'll now even log yes and already I'm logged man gets here always anfanmg a unique special offer and here is getting just a spotlight on this spotlight here you can at viral mailer also buy itself works very well I have also made it myself skip the we now times so then I want you here are just very briefly show I now currently 4206 cradits means I can but to 4206 people an email send not simultaneously because so many people there are here at the viral mailer not I believe that somewhere 2 to 3 thousand here you can email a ship the these emails here I have now 5 hours time until I can send the next if I necessarily a ship want then I go here on solo e-mails and just buy me then what we have here of course you sent e-mails that are stored so you need quasi as a template, I need to write email just once when you are going well then you change simply only the Affected and then can immediately again the whole rausschicken without large change some more options banner can also Insert one sees here above Textads I find not so great and you login spotlights are here even relatively low 3 EUR 97 since you need then only you url specify and away you go I go recommending it always a weekend Friday Saturday Sunday in the week does not work quite as well so then you can upgrade here and everything I am for example somehow gold member or so yes here gold member werbemittel are it will also always helped for viral-mailer at that and you will the support and here I also equal to the faqs So yes reach with viral mailer Excellent performances which is also due to the I goldmitglieschaft to 300 people the gaoldmitgliedschaft but I just can reach to 300 people are here and sign up for free and already set to go I want you here also again briefly I show log out if you do not yet signed up once you are then going up here to register are your data here as I said here e-mail address very important you bring only an e mail address of a new e mail address from gmail very important otherwise your e mail address is full of advertising packed yes then you are a user name, a password repeatedly the password here put tick remember and then register for free and you get 300 credits to can therefore immediately an e-mail to 300 people send so and if you now e mails gets virally-mailer and these clicks are then it in the e-mail a link to credit you click on will open a window and above left, you look like you time runs out if you time has expired then you get So then 1 2 credits can again send as simple as that, and so does an email about affiliate marketing or for your website because you can also get traffic ja having much to viral mailer thank you for your attention your Jens.

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