The Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance

It may be the trickiest part of thehiring and job search process: the salary discussion.

Whether you're the one doingthe hiring or you're negotiating your own job offer details, how prepared areyou to have these conversations? Many professionals guess at the current paylevel for a certain position, or they base the salary range on outdatedinformation.

At best, they conduct a quick online search and hope the numbers thatsurface are accurate.

Are you willing to risk losing a topcandidate or a promising job offer because you haven't done your homework? For reliable up-to-date salary information download a copy of theRobert Half Accounting and Finance Salary Guide.

What makes our guide such a powerful tool? We're glad you asked! First we've been doing this a long time since1950 to be exact.

We were one of the first organizationsto track pay ranges and we've gotten pretty good at it over the years.

Thedata in our Salary Guide is based on real-world compensation.

Our staffingexperts place thousands of professionals and jobs each year.

The pay ranges forthose positions form the basis of our research and our compensation figuresare forward-looking, so you can see where salaries are right now and where they'reheaded.

The Robert Half Salary Guide shows you starting salary ranges formore than 400 positions across the accounting and finance fields.

You caneasily adjust each range for nearly 600 cities across the United States andCanada so it's quick and easy to find starting compensation figures that arespecific to your job and your location.

Need more proof that our Salary Guide isthe best around? Government agencies, academic institutions and the media havecited our salary research for decades and they continue to turn to Robert Halffor the latest insights.

So stop guessing at the right salary range for the jobyou're hoping to staff or land for yourself.

Download your free copy of the RobertHalf Salary Guide and be prepared the next time you need to discuss pay.

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