The job application: accountancy and finance – Episode 2

I found that when I was researching for jobs a lot of the job titles had bullet points underneath with specific things that they were going torequire from the applicant.

A job specification really is anopportunity for you to break that down and then taylor what is it that you're going to present to them so that you know you fit the bill.

So if they're actually up front with that it's a really good tool for you.

The competency framework that the ACCA provides is fantastic.

What you can do is you canhave a look at what skills the company is specifically looking for andthen can be easily translated to what you actually can offer.

And then matching those two together, both on your CV and also when you go into the room onthe day, because that's what they're going to be looking for, to make sure that those two really, really match up.

I actually ended up adjusting my CV to have the ACCA qualification standing out even more than other things that I might have done because Iknew it was really relevant to the jobs I was applying to.

To hold an ACCA qualifications isvast ,it's very comprehensive.

And it was important for me that I wasable to pull out the competences that I had, what I wanted to achieve, to match itup with the expectations of the employer.

Although I looked at my CV probablytwelve times, editing it thinking it was in tip-top perfect shape, it just really wasn't.

I searched a fewprofessional companies to basically look over it, point out anymistakes grammatically, structurally.

They came back with this, so I had a lotmore mistakes than I thought.

To be aware of your digital footprint on the Internet is really key these days.

I mean people have to be aware of the brand that they're putting out there.

If you've had it for a few years, perhaps while you were training or studying, there will bethings on that you don't want a prospective employer to see.

So you've really just got to make sure that you are as professional and as in line with yourprofessional self as you possibly can be online.

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