The Actual Reason Behind The Craze For Government Jobs In India

India is the oldest surviving civilizationin the world.

It is the only one which has preserved its values and culture through time.

Since the beginning of time and human imprints on Indian soil there was always a structuredgovernment in one or the other form.

Today we are going to explore why Indians are soobsessed with “sarkari naukri” ?? Since the very first of the men who livedin caves and were hunters and gatherers, the physically strong and able men were giventhe task to lead the people.

In a certain way it was a form of government.

Most of thefemales in the group were married to these powerful men and they enjoyed their authorityand power over the other people.

Through the progression of the time from early Stone Ageto the twenty-first century the notion that “a government servant is a powerful person”sustained.

As in the times of monarchy in India the people in government were paid inproperty and money, they grew in power, capital and status.

People always looked upon themwith respect and fear as they had an air of royalty about themselves.

Even in the time of British raj the practiceof granting properties and “jagirdari” continued.

The Indians who served in civilservices during colonial rule were granted somewhat equal status to the white peopleby the government.

So much of authority and royalty associated with sarkari naukri promotedthe stereotype that people in the government jobs are successful and effective people,which is true to some extent.

Therefore this obsession with government job is from agesbut in the Modern times this idea flourished as the government job is better paying, farmore secure and comforting.

A person with a reasonably paying government job has highersocial status than individual earning much more in the private sector.

People workingin private sector often desire to be employed in government sector after a point in theircareer for stability and sort of peace of mind.

But guys chlo ye sb to theek hai but I recently read in Newspaper that.

The Uttar Pradeshgovernment secretariat recently received applications from postgraduates and Ph.

D holders in responseto a notification of vacancies of peon.

This was even before the criticism evoked by thenews of B.

Techs and MBAs applying for the post of security guards.

Guys I don't understandone thing that when you were passionate about guarding a government building then why doyou pursue B.

Tech in the first place?? What the F is this?? Serious guys what the F isthis?? chlo choro chlo mana ki ye sb bhi theek haibut Yar mene to yaha tk bhi dekha h ki bacche11-12 m PMT ki preparation krte uske baad 2-2 saal drop keke or preparation krte h orfir MBBS ya BDS complete krke Bank PO ban rhe h.

Kya chutiya panti h ye.

Bhai jb tubank PO ban ne m interested the to fir itne saal tk itna peeche kyu pada MBBS k?? Na tokisi patient ka bhala kra or upr se ek seat or kharaab kr di.

Waise hi colleges m admissionko le kr itni mara mari h India m.

But all things aside guys let me clear onething that The biggest advantage of Government job is“Job Security”.

Private sectors are prone to layoffs and wehave very well witnessed such layoffs in the past during the time of recession.

Whereas,in government sectors the situation of the employees more or less remained same and thejob positions remained intact.

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