Sorry La La Land: Why Ryan Gosling Is Irresistible To The Audience And His Costars In Blade Runner 2049

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By this point it’s becoming one of Hollywood’s most reliable witticisms: Everything Ryan Goslingtouches turns to gold. 

Whether it’s a cult favorite rom-com like Crazy Stupid Love or the record-tying Oscar nominations for La La Land, the actor is on a roll, a winning streak, in the zone, at the top of his game—pick your cliché poison. And now it seems he might have the role of his life. (See what we did there?)

Gosling is hitting theaters this weekend, in his first appearance since his much-loved turn as jazz player Sebastian, for the long-awaited reboot of Blade Runner. This time around the flick is dubbed Blade Runner 2049 and it catches up to the LAPD and their team of replicant-chasing officers even further into the future. (30 years into the future, in case anyone was unsure whether to take the title literally).

Gosling plays K, a replicant officer who discovers a very big secret that has the potential to disrupt the very fragile ecosystem that exists in the dark, dystopian world where Los Angeles has turned into a wasteland, the lucky have escaped “off-world,” and Jared Leto is the most terrifying replicant-making mogul to ever wear a kimono. (Seriously, this movie is worth watching if for nothing else than his villain). 

There are big shoes to fill with this movie: The original installment, while not immediately a box office hit, became a cult classic, helped cement director Ridley Scott‘s place as Hollywood royalty and even received two Oscar nominations. Blade Runner‘s fans have very high expectations. 

But Gosling hasn’t just filled the shoes (or, should we say, leather boots), he’s busted right through them. He sees Harrison Ford’s high-collard jacket and raises him a high-collared jacket with shearling, and an impressive collection of wool sweaters. But enough about his wardrobe and how well he can wear a heavy knit. Audiences will be hitting theaters to look at his face, too. 

And without giving away any spoilers, which viewers will want to stay miles away from, just know that almost no movie has been this much about Ryan Gosling. He’s in almost every single scene, and director Denis Villeneuve (he of Arrival fame most recently) spends ample time letting viewers see into his soul, by way of those piercing baby blues. 

We’d apologize for gushing, but we’re only human here. 

Blade Runner 2049 has been widely praised by critics ahead of its opening weekend and there is already the requisite Oscar buzz. Much of that is owed to Villeneuve, as the futuristic world he created is visually mind-blowing and haunting. And, even better, it doesn’t even require that audiences see the first Blade Runner

But what is perhaps even more fascinating is the fact that not only did Ryan Gosling charm the pants off of the film industry, but he worked his magic on everyone on set as well. At the flick’s recent press junket his costars couldn’t stop raving about him. Not that he came in overly confident—he admitted to E! News that when he found out he was going to be costarring alongside Harrison Ford in the film, one thought went through his head: “Don’t f–k it up.”