Required Skills for Getting Jobs in Banking & Finance

SPEAKER 1: What are thebanks looking for when they hire people? What should you do? Do you need to go tograduate school? Do you need to give yourselfa broad education? What are the bankslooking for? ATHENA NG: I'll start thisfirst.

I think generally, for my side, for investment banking,most people look at graduates from US or fromUK top schools.

They look for people that areproactive, have a good attitude, and willing to learnand have the drive.

I think that's probably– I'm not sure whether that's alsothe same when Steve is in the same industry, as well.

But generally, for motivatedindividuals.

So I think a US educationactually helps, because it helps your communication skills,it helps you to talk to external parties, internalparties, with your bosses, and different things.

So I think that training isquite crucial for that.

JIMMY WENG: I would agree withthat, saying that motivation, assertive attitude, goodcommunication is really the key to get into investmentbanking or in the business finance industry.

Not necessarily an MBA per se,but I believe an MBA can help you pursue other goalslater in your career.

If you realize that you want toclimb the corporate ladder, and you want to maybe changeto just a different sector within the industry or maybechange your entire career path, then an MBA would be rightfor you, but it wouldn't necessarily be right if you'rejust looking to get into finance and banking.

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