Preparing for interviews: accountancy and finance – Episode 3

I think when you're first going toapproach a company you've got to make sure that you know,especially as a financial professional, what their financial position is.

What their goals were in relation to you know their profits, their loss and thecompanies that they also deal with.

What they stand for professionallyand where they see themselves in the future.

Just having those little clips of information in your mind and bringing them into the conversationnaturally when you're talking about their company, your place in thecompany.

It just makes it seem like you are taking aninterest in what they're doing and have understood where they're coming from.

Interviews come in all different shapes and sizes and forms these days.

Different companies have different schedulesand with the advent of mass media it's very possible that you could have a phone interview, maybe even a Skype interview.

With a phone interview, I stood up as opposed to slouching on my bed just because it gives you confidence and it makes your voice sound stronger.

Speaking from your diaphragm it's nice and strong.

A one-on-one interviews nice becauseyou develop a really personal relationship, it's morelike a one-on-one chat.

And then I find if you go into a largerinterview room with three or more people it can be a little bitintimidating.

So the first thing I'd say is reallydon't worry, they don't want to intimidate you at all they actually just want to see thebest side of you.

Ultimately it's about engagingwith whom you're speaking with, be it on the phone or be it face-to-face with one person or with a panel of scary looking people staring back at you.

It's really important that you just engage with your audience.

Don't treat it just like a conversation, treat it as a very professional interview whereyou want to get the to next stage.

They want to be able to see that you're a human beingrather than the piece of paper that they've already got.

And ultimately that's why they want to see you for an interview.

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