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Brian started his business because he dreamtof freedom, control and lots of money.

5 years on, Brian had none of these things.

He loved his business but he felt stuck in a rut.

He wanted to grow much faster and makemore money, but he needed help taking the business to the next level.

Hi wife Marjorie felt neglected, with Brian always putting work first and family second.

Brian needed something to change.

Drastically! Suddenly an apparition appeared from the clouds.

Brian was surprised to see group of part-time finance directors, and what was even moresurprising is that they looked happy and full of energy!He discovered they were a group of demi-gods with the power to cure any problem known toman (albeit with a strong focus on matters pertaining to finance).

They beamed down David, a part-time Finance Director who offered his help.

David usedto work for a company called ‘Big4’ who paid him lots of money because he was clever.

Unfortunately, they made him use phrases like ‘touch base’ and ‘low hanging fruit’,which made his stomach churn, so he left.

David had been a Finance director for manylarge blue-chip corporations as well as smaller entrepreneurial companies.

He was a ‘bighitter’ but with a passion for helping grow SMEs.

So Brian got a senior entrepreneurially minded Financial Director on his team part-time,for little more than the salary of a junior staff member.

There was no recruitment fee, no contract and no red tape.

“Bargain!” thought Brian.

David gave Brian a new lease of life, immediately reducing his workload, taking on importantstrategic projects and overseeing the successful day-to-day functioning of the finance department.

Brian respected and trusted David and was amazed at how quickly he fitted into the team.

Whereas a traditional full-time FD has to rely purely on his own knowledge and skills,David has a rather big advantage.

Not only is he an entrepreneurially minded,proactive FD who cares passionately about Brian’s business, but he also has 10 otherFDs on his local team he can brainstorm with to find solutions to complex problems.

And over a hundred FDs in the UK.

And hundreds of FDs located in 27 offices, in 10 countriesacross 5 continents.

So when Brian and David identified a £1mfunding requirement to grow the business, David could tap into a goldmine resource ofthe top Finance Directors in the world.

All within The FD Centre.

Brian got his £1m very fast.

And when Brian wanted to expand into China,the USA and Australia, David was able to call his FD colleagues abroad and fast track launchesin each of the countries.

Brian became very rich and loved the workso much, he sold his business for a massive profit.

He then started another and, withDavid’s help, found time to enjoy family life again.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?The FD Centre could help you: – Raise funding- Sell your businesses for millions of pounds – Overcome cash flow problems- Dramatically improve profits – Implement reporting dashboards- Manage risk – And help build a much more stable and satisfyingbusiness.

If you want to have a rather big advantageover your competitors and are interested in taking on a part-time FD for the same costas a junior member staff, click on the button on the right to find out why 8 out of 10 clientsrate our service as exceptional.

Click here to hear real clients explain how a Part TimeFinance Director has transformed their business.

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