Part Time Finance Director London

If you are looking for a part-time financedirector in London with an exceptional track record in a variety of fast growth businesses,the FD Centre offers the best choice of top level FDs in London, the rest of the UK andindeed globally.

Ambitious SMEs with a turnover between £2m – £50m who don't want, don'tneed or can't afford a full time FD but recognise they need the skill set on an on-going basisor for particular situations as they arise.

Being able to access the skill set of a £200kfinance director but on a part-time basis for the same sort of cost as a junior memberof staff is a huge asset to companies looking to go expand rapidly in both the UK and indeedoverseas.

If you are looking for a part-time finance director in London we have an unrivalledteam of top talent and we can usually arrange to meet you and even start work in your businesswithin days if required.

Because our model is incredibly flexible it means there is norecruitment fee and you can increase or decrease the time you require with your FD each month.

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