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Com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the careers and jobs in NDMC Just like the name suggests, NDMC or New DelhiMunicipal Council is located in the capital city of India (Delhi).

It is the municipalcouncil which was founded back in the year 1913 in the Imperial Delhi Committee.

Thestate of Delhi has three urban regions which includes the Municipal Corporation of Delhi,the New Delhi Municipal Council along with the Delhi Cantonment Board.

There are a totalof 28 departments found in the NDMC.

Some of them include the Architecture department,audit department, public health, law, security, electricity, finance and horticulture.

TheNDMC takes over 90 percent of the area as well as population of the Union Territoryof Delhi.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation Act of 1957 was amended in the year 1994 inthe month of August so that the constitutional provisions of IX A have been brought together.

This was done in respect of the New Delhi Municipal Council which could be about 3 percentof the area and 3 percent of the population found in the National Capital Territory ofDelhi.

It is the tallest building in the whole ofDelhi and is well respected for its name.

The New Delhi Municipal Council is quite largein size and takes around 43.

7 kilometres square.

The current chairperson here is Jalaj Shrivastava.

The NDMC also has a main website where you can contact them.

It has placed its contactnumber online so that the local can contact them when the need arises.

Some of their main objectives include provision of new legislation that repeals the PunjabMunicipal Act of 1911, bringing unity and uniformity as much as possible so that regulationsare bought in.

There will be audit revenue as well as budget provisions in the MunicipalCorporation of Delhi and the New Delhi Municipal area.

In order to harmonize the law withinthe constitution, there were will be exemptions as well as modifications bought under article143 XB of the Constitution in the year 1992.

clearly under chapter 2 of the NDMC Act of1994.

This Council shall have members that include a chairperson among all the otherofficers of the Central Government or even the Government.

There will also be three membersof the Legislative Assembly of Delhi.

Give other members from the office of the CentralGovernment or the Government of their undertakings has to be there.

Nominations shall again bedone by the Central Government.

Apart from that, there will be two members who will benominated by the Central Government along with the CM of Delhi.

These members have tobe educated people.

They could media persons, artists, sports persons, social workers, engineers,financial consultants etc.

There can be another three members who are women or belong to the SC community.

the ndmc has started to currently work under the delhi UT government and is working towards solving the environmental problems of the city It manages the drainage,water,education and electricity in the city recently it has also opened new doors for guest teachers and various other posts guest teachers are also invited to fill up the posts they are positions available for nursery teachers,counselors,Lab Assistants,IT assistants and post graduate teachers the eligibility criteria is also quite simple the candidate should not be more than 65 years old and should be a graduate atleast we will be right back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button.

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