My Top 3 Online Marketing Strategies for Estate Agents

Hi, in this video, I’m going to tell youmy top three online marketing strategies for estate agents.

Hi, I’m Sam Ashdown and maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number, the sheervolume of marketing strategies that are available to you as independent estate and letting agents.

So three online strategies… Let’s talk about your website and how that works foryou.

Let’s talk about email marketing and let’s talk about social.

So first of all your website: the key thing to remember with your website and the thingthat I see so many estate and letting agents make this mistake, is not capturing leadson the homepage of your website and letting their property search box dominate the firstpage, the main page, the home page of your website.

Now it’s vendors and landlordsthat you want, not tenants and buyers so why prioritize the tenants and buyers on the frontpage of your website? Have a look at your website.

See if you canmake it more vendor and landlord or client focused and try to find a way of capturingleads, capturing data, capturing information that you can use to really build on that relationship,nurture that need and eventually convert them to a client.

So that’s your website.

Let’s talk about email marketing.

Now I feel lots of estate agents are using emailmarketing purely to send out their new listings but again we want new vendors and landlordsnot buyers and tenants.

So as an independent estate and letting agent, you need to be talkingto prospects.

This is vendors and landlords who may actually want to use your serviceand using email marketing is a really smart up-to-date way of communicating with thosepeople who are already looking in their inbox, they are already communicating with lots ofother brands, so you need to be there to show that you care and you want to communicateon a regular basis and build that relationship.

So why not send them out tips, ideas, advise,news; not a newsletter and not about you but about them.

So if it’s coming to autumn,maybe three tips to get your house sold before Christmas.

If it’s in February, how aboutfive ways to get a new tenant for your property in spring? Really think about what they wantand how you can use email marketing to reach them.

The third online strategy is social.

This is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,YouTube.

There are so many, pick one or two and get really good at those.

Find a way ofcommunicating with prospects, with vendors and landlords in the way that they want tobe communicated with.

Start building those relationships, nurturing those relationshipsovertime and then converting them into paying clients.

So there you go, my top three online marketing strategies for estate agents.

Hope you enjoyedthis video.

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Bye for now.

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