My Top 3 Offline Marketing Strategies for Estate Agents

Hi! In this video I’m going to talk to youabout My Top 3 Offline Marketing Strategies for Estate Agents.

These top 3 strategies are: Direct Mail, Networking and P.


I very rarely see an agent usingone of those or all of those strategies successfully in their business.

First of all, Direct Mail.

Some of you call it leafleting, canvassing, touting, but reallyit’s about writing to somebody who doesn’t know you and asking them for a few minutesof their time, either on the phone or as a market appraisal.

The best way to get directmail marketing working for you is to offer something of big reward, of big value to somebody,and asking them to take a small action in return.

Perhaps, you send the direct mailpiece and all it’s got on it is a URL.

Rather than asking for a phone call in the officeor an email, maybe they just go to a particular website address or webpage and they get thedetails of whatever it is you’re offering – it could be a guide, an article, an e-book,a video tutorial like this one, or something which is of big value to them.

But using directmail to try and get a phone call to the office is too big an ask and that’s why it’snot working effectively for you right now.

The 2nd offline marketing strategy I’m goingto talk to you about is networking.

It’s really important that you get yourself outand about in your local community, meeting those influences that could really help yourbusiness to grow.

Just by referrals and knowing people and that know-like-and-trust factor.

Some of the most successful agents I know are BNI members or members of things likeAthena.

So, local, regular networking where they start to get their face known and becomea familiar figure in their community and start to be trusted more because of that.

So, getyourself out there, go to networking events, maybe even start your own if there reallyisn’t a good one in your area.

The 3rd marketing I’m going to talk to youabout that’s an offline strategy is P.


Again, this is something that I see very,very few agents do successfully.

When was the last time you sent your local journalistyour newest listing, or maybe you’ve got an interesting house or something that’ssupposed to be haunted or somebody lived there for 50 years, that’s got a real story toit.

Why not send it to your local journalist and get yourself in the local paper? That’smuch, much more effective than newspaper advertising and it’s going to be a story that’s goingto be more engaging and entertaining for those people who live in your local community.

So there you go, my Top 3 Offline Marketing Strategies for Estate Agents.

Hope you enjoyedthis video.

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