MBA Careers in Financial Services

I think financial services careers are appealing to MBAs because they want to be part of the challenges of today's world.

INSEAD offers MBA students a whole career development journey.

They have access to dedicated career advisors to build their plan, understand where their strengths are.

They have access to a team of sector specialists who work closely with the firms in the financial services in every hub of the globe.

What the CDC offers is hardly any business school can offer— it's access to this enormous network of alumni around those jobs to help find access and work out a way of entering that industry.

The INSEAD programme is extremely reputable.

We see students who have a really good basis of corporate finance, which is very, very useful for our summer internship.

We hire a number of candidates from INSEAD.

We continue to hopefully work in the future to do that.

At Morgan Stanley, in terms of MBA recruitment, we actually do quite a lot.

We see a huge amount of value in the INSEAD people, and we have consistently hired probably more people from INSEAD than most other business schools in Europe.

The pace of the programme, the fact that all students work with diverse groups of students, definitely shape them into more effective professionals.

And I do hear that feedback from recruiters as well who say that students coming into, for instance, roles in investment banking, where you are expected to pick up the pace really quickly, are able to jump right in and to perform right away.

I think if you enjoy working on very, very high-speed, very high-profile transactions; if you enjoy interacting with clients; if you enjoy working under pressure, I think that they are really the key things about investment banking which I would tell MBA students about.

And I think INSEAD provides a great platform, and if you really want to do something, there's nothing stopping you doing that.

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