Manek: Teaching Accounting and Finance at Curtin Singapore

Accounting has universal application, accountingservices are required for manufacturing, trading and sales organisations, as well as differentforms of organisations that such as sole-proprietorship partnership companies, all of them need record-keepingand therefore you find accounting students coming from all walks of economic life.

One only has to look at the advertisementsfor the position of accountants in the popular media, andthe potential employers typically expect candidates to have a membership of a professionalaccounting body, and therefore courses that are accredited, they are in greater demand.

Curtin Singapore courses are accredited in this behalf.

The accreditation body is CPA Australia, andthey have a branch in Singapore.

That makes forexcellent mobility as well, as candidates are confident that as they are moved fromone country to another that their qualifications will berecognised and respected.

Unfortunately in some segments of societyaccountants still suffer from that typical stereotyping,somebody who sits behind the books and is very uncool and disinterested in an activesocial life.

But all that has changed actually, that has changedvery dramatically.

Since the computers have come onthe scene, they have taken over much of the mundane work of recordkeeping done by accountants,so the accountants are actually re-inventing themselves, they've repositioned themselvesas interpreters and users of financial statements,who are now active partners in advising management as to the strength and weaknesses in the operations.

One only has to visit the campus to see Curtinhas a serious commitment to the cause of education, you just have to walk around and see how beautifulthe campus is.

Curtin provides a very conducive learning environment, and it attracts veryskilful instructors to provide relevant material which isfrom a course outline that is being updated regularly.

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