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This question comes from Mint's Facebook page, and it's from Kyle R.

who asks: How does a fresh college grad find a job in their field without having the experiences most businesses are wanting before they hire? Here's the good news Kyle R.

, irrespective of age, irrespective of experience, the number one way that people now find jobs in the economy we're living in is through their relationships or through their network.

Depending on the career expert or the career study you look at that's anywhere from seventy to ninety percent of career opportunities that are found that way.

So I'm going to recommend that you reach out to anyone and everyone that you've ever worked with, whether that was in a paid capacity or perhaps a volunteer one, maybe you had an internship and that you start adding to your network mentors.

People who are going to be able to help you develop your career trajectory.

You also want to surround yourself with connectors.

Those are the people who have very full black books and want to introduce you to anyone and everyone that they know so that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

You also want to reach out to decision-makers, and those are the people who might be your future supervisor in a company you're interested in, or perhaps they are a hiring manager for a company.

When you reach out to these folks you can request an informational interview which is an opportunity for you to chat ideally face-to-face for about twenty minutes and be able to pick the brains of these people and ask them about their companies, about their own career trajectories, and at the same time be able to show that whatever you've done in your past has prepared you to be able to be successful in their company if and when an opportunity should arise.

When you finally have an opportunity to apply for a position, and I recommend not just looking online, but really using these relationships you're building to continue to look for opportunities for these people will often pass them on to you before they ever get posted.

So when you actually get that face time what you want to do is not focus on the stuff you've done in terms of an accomplishment.

That's important, but what you really want to share is what you've learned from these experiences and how they've given you the behaviors, the skills and the knowledge to be able to solve the problems that that company has.

Since I've said this before, employers really want to make sure that you know how to solve the problems that they have.

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