Make Money Online with Binary Options – This Alligator Indicator Helped Me Win All Trades

Hello my friends, this is Imba Trader.

I haven't seen you for a while and for thosewho see me for the first time, I show people how to make money online trading binary optionsand today is not an exception.

I'm going to do the same, but I'm going notonly to trade, but also share with you one of the main indicators that I use and helpsme to win most of my trades.

As you know, there are many animals in optionstrading, the bulls and bears, and there is actually another one which is called alligatorwhich eats them all, of course metaphorically speaking.

So alligator indicator is available in mostof the trading platforms, just go ahead and add it with its default settings.

You can start adjusting it later when it getsmore advanced.

So you see that there are three new linesthat appear on the graph.

They are called the jaws, the teeth and thelips of the alligator.

So when they are moving parallel to each other,it means that the market is sleeping and we didn't do any actions, but in cases wherethe green line crosses the red line, this is the time to make trades.

How do we use it? Basically, we need to wait for the momentuntil the green line crosses the red line.

If it happens on the downward movement, itmeans that we need to proceed with the put stake.

If the green line crosses the red line whilethe graph is moving up, this is the good moment for the call stake.

As you see, the market is sleeping at themoment.

So we're just going to stand by and wait untilthis happens.

I hope I won't take a lot of your time.

So some traders say that alligator doesn'twork on the short options and they use it on the long ones, but I personally don't haveany problems using them on short options.

I'm going to show you today why it's likethat.

So the market is still sleeping, so if youlook at the graph in past you see that this was a good time for action and we could wintrade at this moment because there was a downwards trend happening.

I see that they are getting close to eachother.

So I just made two $1000 stakes for the riseand we do have 30 seconds to prove that the alligator indicator helps to make money tradingthe binary options.

So today, I started with the $5,800 depositand we'll see how far we can get it in terms of the profit.

It's working.

So you see, we invested $2,000 and made $3,800out of it with the help of the alligator indicator.

So there is another indicator that works wellfor me in conjunction with the alligator, it's called the RSI, also added with the defaultsettings.

Actually I see that there can be another goodmoment happening here.

The lines are very close – okay, they crossed.

I made another two $1000 stakes.

We do have 60 seconds actually, a minute towait until the results.

So of course, every strategy has its prosand cons and none of them is perfect.

So the cons of the alligator are that it'sused in the moving averages which are known to lag behind the price.

It means that price move first and the averagesmove afterwards.

They follow it, that's why there is some lag.

And also, regarding the RSI indicator thatI mentioned above, you see the two lines, the 70% and 30% lines here, I do not recommendyou to make any trades when the graph is higher than 70% or lower than 30%.

So when it's above 70%, do not make any putstakes and when it's lower than 30%, do not do any call stakes.

So we have three seconds left.

It was such a close call but eventually, itworked out again.

Ladies and gentlemen, we started with $5,800and we made over about $4,000 using the alligator indicator and trading for just, I don't knowmaybe five minutes or so.

I do really hope that it will help you aswell.

Please try it and let me know if it worksfor you or not and later, in my next video, I will share some more secrets on how to makemoney online with binary options trading and how to be successful in trading in the long-term.

This is it for today, I hope you liked it.

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No need to pay anything or enter credit carddetails, just go ahead and try it for free, and I will see you later.

Bye-bye guys.

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