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[Speaking] hi everyone! thanks for stopping by! if you're new to my channel, you'll see that I've mainly focus on music, motherhood, and travel, but I do have a couple of videos where I talk about ways to make money online.

the main site that I talked about is Shutterstock.

I have two videos about that, but in this video I wanted to talk about another site that I came across called Slice the Pie.

so if you're interested in making money on Slice the Pie, stick around.

I'm gonna tell you a little bit about it and when I say make some money, I just mean like a little extra cash.

you know, it's not something where you can quit your job, you're making a full-time income now.

like, no.

I mean, there might be somebody who's out there who's making a full time income off this who can just you know kind of work on it all day, but as far as I know it's just kind of something you can do just for a little extra money in your pockets.

one of the reasons why I want to do this video is because I just found out about Slice the Pie a few months ago and it's a music site and being a lover of music, I'm just really surprised that I haven't.

that I didn't know about this site a long time ago because if i'm not mistaken, they've been around for several years and so, you know, I want to let you guys know about this site too so you can test it out.

see if you like it.

I'm going to be talking about four things – first off, I'm going to tell you what I like about Slice the Pie and then I want to also.

I want to tell you a couple of warnings about the site.


it's not really bad, but I mean I just want to make sure I tell you everything that I know about the site so far that you may or may not like.

might not be a problem for you and then I'm also going to tell you something that really really impressed me about Slice the Pie and then, at the end, I'm going to tell you how you can sign up if you're interested in making some extra cash with Slice the Pie.

so Slice the Pie is a website where you can review and rate music.

if you look on their main page, you'll see that they say you can get paid for your opinion and so that's basically what you're doing.

it's you're giving your opinion about music and then with each review that you do, they'll add some money to your account.

I like it so far and please keep in mind, I am not.

you know, I'm not an employee of Slice the Pie so, I mean, if you have questions, I might not know the answers, but of course you can go to their website, check out their frequently asked questions, as well as their About Us page if you have.

if you want more information about them.

but so far I do like the site.

I listen to music so, you know, why not listen to music and get paid for it? that's kind of my thinking of it.

and the way I found out about the site is – I follow a couple of bloggers who talk about different ways that you can make money online, so when they mentioned Slice the Pie, I knew it was legit because they only talk about websites that are very credible.

so they do have a good reputation and again I'm going to tell you why I like it.

so the first reason I like it, is because they do have music on the site that I can listen to.

I listen to music anyways, so it's perfect for me.

and then number two, I like it because they're paying me.

you know, all I had to do is sign up.

I didn't have to do anything else so I like that as soon as you sign up and you start listening to music and reviewing music, you will start to see money in your account.

I like that.

and then the third reason I like Slice the Pie is because in addition to being able to review music, they also let you review products and also fashion and if i'm not mistaken, I think I saw that you can also review commercials so they've been kind of branching out a little bit.

I think it depends on what's available at the time though.

For instance, sometimes I login and I can choose to review music or a product or you know, clothing.

other times, I login and the only thing that's available is music so I guess it just kind of depends on what they need reviewers for but I think it's really nice.

when I first joined Slice the Pie.

and I've only been a member for a few months so I'm still kind of learning about the site and getting used to it, but when I first joined Slice the Pie, in addition to rating music, I was able to review cell phone cases and also some dresses so it's really cool like if you get sick of reviewing music, you know, sometimes you can switch over to something else so I like that about the site.

now for the warnings that was telling you about earlier.

they're not really bad so that's why I titled this slide "for your information.

" so first off, you're going to find that you're not going to get a whole lot of money.

I just see it as something that I can just make a little extra cash on the side.

you know, maybe after several months or a year, I can look at my Slice the Pie account and maybe I'll have enough money to, you know, buy an extra Christmas present for someone or treat myself to dinner.

you know.

it's just, you know, just extra cash so if you're looking to make a lot of money doing this, you might not want to join the site.

ok and then the second thing I want to caution you about is that some of the music that you review is not going to be good at all, but that's okay because they're still going to need your opinion.

I mean, these are artists who, you know, they're kind of testing the waters, they want to see if people like their music, and so you want to be honest but yeah, there's sometimes when the music is.

it's just really hard to listen to.

for instance, there was one song.

I mean, it was.

I'm kind of like one of the nice judges on the singing shows, but it was kind of like when I was listening to it, I kind of almost couldn't take it seriously.

like that's.

I was kind of like, "For real?" I mean, "Is this for real?" you know, but I didn't listen to it and I did give my opinion and the good thing is, you don't have to listen to the whole entire song.

I think Slice the Pie has set it up to where you have to listen to the song up to a certain point and then once you get to that point, then they feel like, okay you've listened to it enough to where you can give a good opinion – a good review of the song.

so, you know, I didn't have to listen to the whole thing, but yeah, it was.

it was not good and then of course, there are gonna be some songs that are very vulgar so, I mean, you know, just.

just wanted to throw that out there so you'll know what to expect.

but yeah, that's the only two things that I've noticed about the site so far that people might not like.

even with all of that, I'm still enjoying it because there are some very, very good songs on there, in fact, this leads me to my next slide where I wanted to tell you something that really, really, really impressed me about Slice the Pie.

I was listening to a song one day on Slice the Pie and most of the time when I'm listening to it, I'm kind of working on something else at the same time, but this song – when it came on, the music was good, but the lyrics were just.

they fit so well with the song and the singer had such a beautiful voice.

I just had to stop and I was like, "oh my goodness! this song is awesome!" and I think I gave it a perfect review because it was just so good.

Like, it was so good, I wanted to listen to it again and I don't think I could.

I don't think there's a rewind button or you know, a replay button, but it was that good.

I mean, I wanted to get higher than the highest rating.

[Laughs] that's how good it was.

what impressed me was, I was at the movies with my husband and we watched a movie that was highly anticipated.

everybody was waiting for this movie to come out.

it was a box office hit for several weeks.

so at the end of the movie, you know, we were kind of gathering our things.

we were getting ready to leave.

they were showing the credits and when they got to the credits, I started hearing this song and I was like, "I know this song.

" you know, I paused for a minute and I was just like, "I know this song.

" and I told my husband, "let's just wait for a second because I want to hear the chorus because, I think I'm gonna know what it is if I here the chorus.

" when they got to the chorus, I was like, "oh my goodness! I heard this on Slice the Pie!" and I was just really impressed with that because I didn't think that Slice the Pie had that much influence in the music industry.

like I knew they did have some influence, but I didn't know they had that much.

like I was not expecting that at all and I felt kind of glad that I was able to kind of preview the song before it was released.

I felt special.

I felt like, you know, like a Hollywood insider or something.

I'm very happy for the artist that got a chance to have their song featured in the movie and after hearing that, that made me want to start using Slice the Pie even more.

one other note, before I tell you how you can sign up, I want to also mention that even though you might not get a lot of money on Slice the Pie, I think it kind of depends on the quality of your reviews.

if you really go into detail about what you liked about the song, what you didn't like, maybe give some suggestions on how they can improve the song, I think your ranking on Slice the Pie will go up.

they have a five star ranking and the better your reviews are, the higher your ranking is.

so it's just something to think about – maybe, try to really put some thought into your reviews and kind of put yourself in the artist's shoes.

what would you want to hear? what kind of feedback would you want if you were the artist and you wanted someone to listen to your song? so anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this video.

if you want to try out Slice the Pie, please use my referral link.

I have my referral link in my video description below if you expand the box underneath the video and you can click on that link, and it will take you directly to Slice the Pie and it will already have my code filled in when you sign up.

so I'll get credit for sending you to Slice the Pie and then, if you don't want to use the link, you can go ahead and sign up and I think it'll ask you if you have a referral code and then you can just put in my code right here.

so anyways, thanks for listening to the video.

thanks for watching.

feel free to like, share, subscribe, comment.

if you've been on Slice the Pie for a while, let me know what you think of it and if you have any tips on how users can make more money on Slice the Pie, I'd be interested to know so I can, you know, get my ranking higher than what it is right now.

so anyways, thanks for checking me out.

feel free to subscribe, come back, check out my other videos, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! talk to you later!.

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