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inhale here from the lifestyle training101 blog you know I get asked by people all the time how do i make money online they want tohelp taking start making the first I'll and also they want know personally whatam i doing to make money online so i thought i put together a short video andkinda hopefully elaborate on things and help them bring the pieces of the puzzletogether see in my pee in order to earn money online you only need to know threethings one of the first things you need to make money on the internet is asystem by system i mean you need a step-by-step method or a step-by-stepprocedure then you can follow to get you from point A to point B me personally Iuse a system that involves creating videos involves a lot of blogging and italso involves getting really active on forums that's the system that i use the secondthing that you need before you can begin to earn money online will besome type of vehicle or marketing concept applies a vehicle of marketingconcept but I'm referring to is do you want to be an affiliate marketer whereyou market goods services created by someone else get paid a commission fromit you want to get involved too great selling we become a representative ofmulti-level marketing company and build a group of Representatives underneathyou and you get the override commission off of this hills or perhaps you canjust create your own private or you can come up with your own solution to aproblem create a product around that solution and see the seller's yourselfor have other affiliates sell for $MONEY you paid more Commission me personally ilike the affiliate marketing the room I like finding products that someoneelse is created and I like some of them become one they've already been tested in themarketplace most able to save me a lot of time on product creation and just goget the product someone else spent the last six months.

the calendar and I canbegin marketing it and earn extra money online on it the media turn step which I thinkthis is the most important step is you're going to come internet marketerselling anything online without this step nothing happens the third and mostimportant step that you need to know is that it you have to have traffic forvisitors to your offer I'm by trafficking I mean you gottabuild put your offer in front of people that are actually looking for whatyourself not just anybody you don't want to any traffic you want to have what wecall an internet marketing industry targeted traffic which is basicallypeople that are looking for what yourself how do i get targeted traffic iuse several different methods to get my traffic i use SEO or search engineoptimization basically what that is is I just keyword research i found out whatpeople are searching for what works they're using searching for and I try torank my blog posts or make my videos for those words that I know people are goingto be searching for i use people click marketing whereas once again I findcertain keywords that more people are going to be searching for so they typein him my ad will pop up at the top of the search query another method I usedto drive traffic to my outcomes is YouTube videos i created a lot of videosmy videos just part of my phone line and I didn't speak about my phone earlierbut all this is really just a final chatted funnel that I onions onions videos on my videos Idirect people that give them good content i talk about stuff answerquestions for my solve problems for many videos and at the end of the videoduring the video i.

them on direct them to my tomorrow this is what we call funnelin single tomy blog but you can get more in-depth information about them with the videowas talking about and they go to my blog and they can find more information on itthey're more in-depth information and was a helmet on the blog and direct themto my offer hopefully I'll give him some goodcontent they were like what they read like what they sell they trust me theywant to check out the offer that I have one that's how I make money online that's likeall my sales funnel also i use for interaction of those different formspost questions to answer questions when I have some questions for people i givethe best answer that i can come up with in the limited space that I having thatform but also what I like to do when I go to forums is a direct people from thefloor to my tomorrow I tell them something like a this is the answer Igot for you but if you want two more in-depth explanation of this then checkthis out go to www life training 101.

com and you can find more in-depthinformation there that's another way that pretty much pull them into my salesfunnel because remember once I get into my Bernard want to direct them to myoffer they can go to the blog you can read allthe content they can see that that's good content their explanations and thenare directed to an offer which they can use that content to me that's the mostimportant thing is being able to get the traffic and direct the traffic but up ifyou really want to learn how to make money online visit my blog WWE of lifestyle training 101.

com like icehere when you get there i'll give you in-depth information into tipsstrategies and methods on how to earn money online making money online doesn'thave to be mysterious and it doesn't have to be overwhelmed just know whatyou need to know three things you need a system you need a vehicle and we needtraffic once you know how to bring those two pieces of the puzzle together make money online really becomes elementary that's all for now have abuilding.

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