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Make Money Online Ideas Earning From Home – India Pakistan coming to you from baiting in china now I'm living a pretty comfortable active lifestyle here and it's all thanks to such an amazing company which I want to show you guys in just a second now today is the 13th November 2016 and this video is more towards and a lot of friends and you guys out in india and pakistan as well because I've got a lot of people that are connected with in india and pakistan so I already want to show you guys and a really amazing opportunity that is built for long-term so you know enough with the scams enough for the short-term programs this is something that you can start working on and then you can start building on so by the time next year you know you you guys will be in a really good position and i will be there to help you guys out as well so just sit back and watch this video now before i show you my current progress in mpa I just want to quickly explain for those of you who don't quite know what my paying ads is all about so basically they are an advertising company that provide a share of revenue to paying appetizers and they have various advertising options available but in order to benefit from making money with advertising you just simply purchase an ad pack and in return you get back a hundred and twenty percent of your writings or in other words you'll gain a twenty percent profit for every ad pack purchase so you know I think of it like this i'm an online marketer who is in need of quality advertising in order to promote my website or business that I have to offer I decide to join a professional and very stable rocher company which offers multiple advertising services then from here i can then purchase advertising no suitable to my needs or I'm also able to greatly benefit from purchasing advertising and earning some revenue from the company so essentially i'm being paid to advertise my own stuff and this is really amazing I'm telling you right now this has changed my life drastically I've been able to buy two really amazing dogs i'm living a laptop lifestyle was living abroad in china and it's all thanks to this company for helping me to achieve that lifestyle there's very few rideshare companies like this that and take their business seriously and a structured for long-term growth I'm not talking about months i'm talking about years and my paying ads have never miss out on a payment in over 18 months they pay out seven days a week and have currently paid out over 16 million dollars to advertisers and which is just a crazy amount as you can imagine and one thing you should know is that my paying ads greatly improve its returning customer rate so you know just like with any business a returning customer is far better than a one-time customer so that's one of the reasons why it's important to have a professional services that deliver and having an attractive awful service to support the greater game for the company and its members and my paying ads does exactly that I honestly think that you love this so before you sign up and give it a try i want to show you my current progress from today right now ok guys so initially get straight into this now what we currently looking at here is an overview of my results from last Friday now today is Sunday heavy just double check yes sunday sometimes you know you get too busy get to and focus on other things that you always forget the days but yes the last week's result was from last Friday as what we're looking at right now so what you can see right along here is my referrals at that time with 96 for Foles so obviously i really appreciate everyone who's been signing up and especially the action takers as well it doesn't matter how much money you have to put in as long as you get started that's more than enough and you know because I've always said get started sooner rather than later because once things start compounding building inside the system things build much faster and much quicker so and the money that you can start building and start taking out you know gradually builds up so you can start withdrawing a daily withdrawal income basically so it honestly is amazing platform and i'll show you guys how how this is actually working out for me now what we can see here active adpacks so I'm purchasing an advertising and pack and I'm also learning from that pack as well so last week I was at 492 and then look at this guy's adpack earnings are generated inside the system 20 4164 dollars that is a substantially amount of money that is crazy right as you guys can imagine now for you guys and especially if you in india and pakistan which i'm targeting this video towards I mean you guys can definitely get up to my level if you really work for it you know i'm not saying that it's not impossible at or even if you have a small amount to start with you know we all have our own income goals right I've got a lot of guys from Pakistan as well and India they also you know they're happy with ten dollars a day or maybe twenty-five dollars a day you know start focusing on the small goals first and we can definitely get there together with this system and i'll be sure to help you guys out as well I've always said for those of you who want to join my team I want to give back once I've maxed out this system so once I'm withdrawing two hundred dollars per day I want to give back to you guys and honor sort of a monthly basis or whatever and to give my commissions over to you guys so that you can start building inside the account and achieve the income goals that you want to achieve for yourself as well you know I mean you have to be patient with Make Money Online Ideas Earning From Home – India Pakistan dollars and expect to be making a hundred dollars per day you know if you have joined a program like that in the past you know how long is that what helpful you know maybe a few months or it's gone scam or something like that you know just honestly there's enough of the headaches let's take with a long-term built to last a program and we can honestly get there together like I'm doing right here now what I'm going to show you guys right now is my current results as of today so we skipping just over a week because it were these these results for last Friday and now today is Sunday so it was skipping over and you notice or seven eight nine days also have this terrible but we're going to have a look and see what my current results are from as of today so let's just take a look at this okay look at this guy's now what you see what here my referral is it now 111 so I just want to say thank you guys for joining and also want to say a massive thank you for all your comments whether it's from get you or whether it's Facebook you know i'm more than happy to help you and answer your questions free facebook as well so honestly if you have any doubts if you want to talk about strategy if you want to talk about you know pretty much anything but you know stay kind of state business focus not try to try to drift off too much the same business focus i'll be more than happy to help you guys as well so obviously a massive thank you to you guys and also thank you for subscribing to my youtube channel as well for keeping up-to-date and there's a lot a lot of great things come in my way and your way especially as well now let's have a look at my two backpacks with 500 free now one company doing are purchasing and fifty dollar ad packs so they come up in four different levels you've got five dollars ten dollars twenty-five and fifty dollar ad packs so right now I'm purchasing fifty-dollar adpacks each time the account gets to fifty dollars then i will purchase another ad pack this is what I call compounding compounding your earnings so as soon as it gets light five dollars and dollars you buy another ad pack and then gradually start seeing how fast it starts to build and then you can withdraw a safety withdrawal limit which is what i'm doing so although I'm learning a lot more money inside the system like free $400 inside the system per day i'm actually compounding those islands and putting it back into the system and then withdrawing a safety withdrawal limit so that I can continue building the account ok so this is something truly truly amazing now let's look at these are packing tear guys 26,000 718 dollars this is crazy now like I said before about compounding inside the system when you put that back it just keeps building and building and building and just things just keep dramatically grounds it every single day every single week these backgrounds on the account just keeps on building and building and building so I'm definitely working my way towards maxing out their system for two hundred dollars per day so whether you've got goal of ten dollars twenty-five fifty dollars per day you know you can definitely get there with this system and i'll be sure to help you guys out if you join my team now let's just take a quick look at the withdrawals ok so I'm just gonna go to my finance request withdraw withdraw history see if that comes up ok so what we can see right here is the last 30 days I've lived 12 title 1950 free dollars and then the last time days was a hundred and forty dollars now as you can see along here is just scroll down to the the status of all these payments so what we're looking at right now is a November the 11-plus my last payment my last withdrawal the reason I haven't done another withdrawal today or over the weekend was because I'm just trying to put money back into the system so we can just allow itself to build up a lot faster so you know just trying to treat it as like maybe a normal monday to friday job so to speak you know I just get paid monday to friday and then I'll just build up on the weekends as well so what you can see here all these forty dollar payments these amounts here and then just down below here I've got some extra two-hundred-dollar payments which are needed to financially support myself and this is exactly what you can start doing for yourself so you can see like i said all these sizes are all done up being paid on every single time and they pay out seven days a week as well like you seen in a video so this is something truly truly amazing now if you guys don't have a lot to put in like starting off with five dollars or something like that there are also catch links so for some of you guys who used to maybe ptc and businesses you know like her paid to click kind of companies that you start joy may be near box click sense and stuff like that they also have this edition here is well but the major benefit is using the Outbacks and the revenue share inside these companies as well so for me personally I've moved away from the ptc stuff you know a long time ago and brochure my paying ads inside this company is something you definitely want to join so you can see along here that clicks allow per day 300 AD along here per day and you can go click to learn on these ads here click to her on a daily basis as well and it's a lot of people doing that as well for me personally I don't really want to spend my time clicking ads all day but if you're in a position where you really need that money and you really want to start building the account for nothing then you know basically up with the cash think so therefore it's basically hustle you know Make Money Online Ideas Earning From Home – India Pakistan into a position where you want to be and i really want you guys to be successful as well so I really want you guys to think about joining this company and being a part of my team so if you guys are interested in joining my paying ads and don't hesitate to ask me any questions at all i know you probably got questions and but honestly it's much better to get started sooner rather than later so just get yourself stuck in and join the official facebook group for my pain as you'll see the contribution and the support that everyone is given to themselves for you guys in india or pakistan you know you guys have got a lot of people from those countries and in in within my paying ads as well as over 200,000 members inside this company so there's a lot of people there's a lot of support and there's a lot of people making money inside the system so until then stay awesome and i'll talk to you soon ok so the best way for you to join will be too once you finish watching one of my videos what you're going to want to do it just to come down here and where it says join with me here i'm going to give you a direct link if you click on show more i'm also going to give you another link to my facebook so if you guys have got any questions or you know you just want to reach out to me or anything like that don't hesitate to contact me on facebook as well but for now we're just going to click on this link here and right now it's going to take me to the homepage ok so the very first thing you're going to want to do is on the top right hand corner it says sign up so once we click on this it is now going to take me to the registration page now this is crucial the very first thing you're going to want to check is that the sponsor says Steve in China ok if it doesn't if it says someone else's name or it has NPA admin which is a default what you need to do is to click on change and then simply type in Steve in China and then you can change it from there this is crucial because a lot of people have been signing up under mpa admin and they can't change it once you've registered so you know it's very important that you make sure it says stephen china before because once you guys are on my team you know i'm going to be helping you every step of the way and once I've max out the system i'm going to be sharing some of my commissions with you guys as well so you know it's just I help you progress and develop in my paying ads as we go along ok so just make sure that says stephen china and then we're all good now the next lot of field you need to figure out which is very basic like your names email username and your password ok so at once everything is filled up from here agree to the terms and conditions and then register then you're going to get go through the normal process email confirmation stuff from someone and so forth and once you've done that and we need to go back to the homepage and to login ok so let me just said that the catch cold in here login now every time you log in you're always going to see a log in at these are very very popular and i was going to pay for one but then I didn't realize it's booked up until maybe free months you know ahead so people are paying for these their pain maybe two hundred dollars at time for their login ads so I'm you know they're very very popular so we're just going to wait for this to just for this video loads and just gonna wait for this time it's a countdown ok so right now you you're right your dashboard along here I mean you can it might be a little bit overwhelming to begin with but the very first thing you're going to want to do is again just check my sponsor says stephen China along here and then it has it will give you my email address as well as if you need to contact me through email by all means contact me free there but like i said before contact me on facebook because i'll be more than happy to assist you on there as well now the very first thing you're going to want to do on your left hand side you're going to want to select finance I'm sorry I account activity and then click on profile now you can fill out some basic information here like your name I mean your name is a central anyway but the very most important thing is your payment processor ok so what you're going to want to do you you can select from paisa solid trust pay perfect money coin payments and to pay for you paypal is a temporary payment processor because when the funds were frozen before and they had to shift over the payments from paypal so we no longer use paypal because it's just honestly it's just a headache and no overripe sure users pay power anymore because I just you know they're very wishy-washy and we don't necessarily want that in a business anyway so I mean personally i'm using Bitcoin I think bitcoin to win win and I think maybe probably the other firm popular payment processors will be paisa and solid trust pay so by all means select one of these set these up and make sure that your preferred payment processor is also selected ok so once that has been selected and you've you've made the payment processor secure to yours you can just go through and add any other information if you need to personally I haven't done so but what you can do after that is and move on to purchase an ad pack and then it would take you freed estate so once you purchase an ad pack you can just let me just bring you along here so it's basically gonna explain the plan so you've got your plan one you plan to and the credits that you can learn from your advertising as well ok so once once you've done that you need to set up a new banner ad so before you can buy an ad pack and you're going to want to set up some balance okay so you can have a maximum of ten along here so once you set these up and what you're going to want to do is and buy an ad pack don't want to add clicks you want to buy an ad pack because that ensures that you have revenue share earnings and when when you've earned your initial hundred percent so basically a child pact that we purchase we get back a hundred and twenty percent so what you want to do is select owned by adpacks i'll just give you a quick example here and then we can select the purchase so on my plan force which is a fifty-dollar ad pack and then you go through some banners up along here and then it's pretty much simple from there I mean you select your payment processor it would take you through how to pay for that and then it will just go from there to be honest so you know by all means if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask me on Facebook this this honestly guys this is very simple and you're going to enjoy this so much so like I've said before is much better to get started sooner rather than later so until then stay awesome and i'll talk to Make Money Online Ideas Earning From Home – India Pakistan.

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