Majoring in Finance

[Intro music][About the Major] ARPAN: Finance is a foundational skill setfor all of business.

It gives you the quantitative and analytical skills to understand and usefinancial markets.

AMBREIA: Finance majors learn how to usefinancial analysis to determine the best way to manage wealth, assets, or money based onexpectations about the future.

Finance is all about the future.

There are two areas of finance: CorporateFinance and Investments.

In Corporate Finance, you determine how toraise and allocate capital.

You then decide which projects to take on.

Then, you choosewhat to do with the money the firm has made.

ARPAN: In Investments, you learn about differentfinancial securities and the markets where they are traded.

You study derivatives, stocks,bonds, and models that help explain why the stock market or interest rates rise and fall.

[Why Choose Finance?] ARPAN: So, I majored in Finance becauseit merges the skills and ideas learned in accounting and economics and gives you theability to analyze a business from a full 360-degree perspective.

[Careers in Finance] AMBREIA: All businesses need people whounderstand finance, so career options are numerous.

Graduates are prepared for positions withcommercial and investment banks, major corporations and small businesses, consulting firms, andmany other institutions.

ARPAN: I strongly believe a summer internshipwill make you more competitive on the job market.

The finance department does a fantasticjob in providing support during your search.

Since I wanted to get into investment banking,I started interning early in my college career and have worked at several financial institutionsincluding PNC Bank.

AMBREIA: I interned with Deloitte Consultingin DC.

I was responsible for the financial management of three federal programs witha budget of 20 million dollars.

[The Terry Experience] AMBREIA: With 850 students, Finance is thelargest major at Terry.

The UGA Finance Society offers networking opportunities and the chanceto learn from industry professionals.

The Women in Finance Committee works to addressthe industry's gender gap.

ARPAN: Terry's Student-Managed InvestmentFund manages a portfolio of about $350,000 of real money.

Participants are selected throughan application and interview process.

AMBREIA: If you have a strong quantitativebackground, good computer skills, and you're interested in how today's financial decisionsaffect an organization's future, then major in Finance at Terry.

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