Life as a Finance Graduate at Fujitsu

I joined Fujitsu in 2013 as a Finance GraduateI'm currently working in Financial Planning and Analysissupporting the UK level.

I'm really enjoying the roleI'm getting a good understanding of what's actually driving our numbers in thebusiness.

We get a good insight in to what thekey management information is and it's really key that we understand that.

A difference I'd like to make throughout my career is to make finance easier for people in the business a lot of people get intimidated by the numbersand really they shouldn't do and it's our job to support that.

Before applying for this role it's really keythat you get a good understanding of the business area that you're working in.

It isn't just about the numbers and processes thatyou're working towards.

It's a lot more valuable to have an understandingof the business as well as having an understanding of theprocess.

Certainly a thing to look for is driven applicants.

People that want to add value to the business they are doingnot just do a day to day but are actually driven to offer a great qualityof service to our customers, which is the business.

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