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Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online – My Paying Ads now this is another video review withregard to my updates with my paying ads and recently i sent another video withthe recent updates about the memberships that they put in place and you knoweveryone's sort of on board with it I mean it's a few people who weren'tnecessarily agree / you know is what is in these parts business you know but themajority of us i mean probably the most of us anyway and have participatedalongside the memberships and for those of you who just starting with thefive-dollar packs you don't need to pay for your memberships anyways so I meaneveryone sort of on board with it the seen how powerful this is and over the last few weeks you guyshave seen how powerful compounding inside the system has been for me andand it has been for you guys as well you know as unseen some of you areparticipating a lot and also want to thank a lot of you for signing up aswell I've noticed on one of my my recent videos and a lot of I've been getting alot of comments and stuff like that so I really appreciate the comments i reallyappreciate and the support that you guys have been giving me as well and also theconversation on facebook as well listen to your stories you know in the goalsyou want to try to reach for yourself as well and you know we're trying to workout strategies that you know more or less work best in your favor and helpyou to get there faster okay and there's one step that can helpme get far truth by signing with me because once I max out the system youknow on i'm going to be giving out my commissions and to you guys anyways soyou know it's just more more as a just as a sort of benefit or bonus so tospeak just as a way for helping me because onemax at the system i really don't have anything else to gain so you know thisis just my way of just saying you know just take it because you've earned ityou deserved it in your inner system you know and I want to see you do well aswell so you know thumbs up and just you know hope everything just keeps on goingwell now the other week last week on friday i believe i made avideo regarding the memberships and then I said about my current financialsituation so basically a previous company i was earning money from roughlyabout 500-600 dollars per month they're going through some changes at the momentso my withdrawal is being held which is put me in a really tight spot so what I'm having to do i'm having towithdraw from my paying ads you know they pay out seven days a week andliterally probably one of the best companies I've ever been involved in andthey pay seven days a week and the last few days I've been pain being paid andwithdrawing $200 maxing out to two hundred dollar dollar limit and you cansee right here on my earnings balance here I've got another 315 dollars andi'll probably do that maybe for the next couple of days I'll see how things gobecause i need to pay some fees back in the UK so i need to do a lot oftransferring over and i also need to pay for my rent which is coming up in thenext few days as well and try to usually pay in bulk so it's not done on themanual base on a monthly basis this kind of done more like three months fourmonths five months up front you know sometimes when that moment comes it justgets very heavy you know you have to try and figure out things and when thatcompany didn't pay out yeah because they had to do updates andthings you put me in a really tight spot but I will definitely get those thatmoney back from the company one safe made adjustments to the new site butit's just a whole.

you know it's just I Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online – My Paying Ads unfortunately it's just one of thosethings you know it is any something that they have to do to put in place toprevent future problems so you know I really support those guys and I'm doingquite well in that company as well but I'm not necessarily pushing that to youguys at the moment I just wanted you know I wanted you to see that I'm howwell i'm actually doing my paying ads and how consistent of the results i'mgetting and how consistent they're paying out as well so you can kind ofsee from here what we'll do actually will go back here this is my last week'svideo so my results from last week with 6566 dollars so doing very very wellcompounding in the system taking out a small amount twenty-five dollars per dayconsistently every single day and being paid last video you see pay every singleday and now then you can also see here actually my active at pax was 460 freenow because i'm actually taking out the money I'm not and over the last few daysI'm withdrawing substantial amount like the maximum amount so actually my headpattern is will slowly started to drop now I did receive some commissions so idid manage to purchase another fifty dollar ad pack but I'm not necessarilyfixated on the Commission's at this point you know because it's more or lessfor you guys you know if you sign up under me i'm going to try and help youguys out once that once I max out the system with the Commission's I mine fromhere anyway so no but every step goes a long way I mean with that purchase itstill helps out every way so i really appreciate that you can also see if yousee very closely 20 rolls i had $MONEY in total last week if you want to startit out in these videos maybe only had free and they were inactive not trycontact and then no contact whatsoever so you know these guys lately a lot ofguys who responded to my videos and everything participate in there actuallytaken action which is the most important thing there's a lot of people talkingabout things but they don't necessarily take action and that's what you knowreally limits you to achieving good results down the line and because it's along-term stable rupture you know don't necessarily see this as a quick rich youknow get-rich-quick scheme or anything like that you know because you'reactually buying advertising and you can use advertising for never you're doing maybe you can use itto make more money maybe you can use it to build your brand or anything likethat you know so there's always a lot of benefits and was participating in acompany like this for the long time now as you can see like last time I had 20referrals now this week 32 referrals which is amazing so honestly you guyswho have been joining and participating in and you know getting stuck in there'sbeen a lot of questions as well I've had from some you guys so I do appreciatethat and I know you kind of still waiting on the side you know maybeyou're waiting for next month's payment i don't know but whatever the case isjust make sure that you make that step of getting started because a lot ofpeople you know they're just going to keep questioning things that number forhim although I'm trying to learn about something and then they weren'tnecessary participate and then they always good question i really want tomake money online i really want to make my online well you don't do it you knowparticipate and get done and you start seeing results and you know there havebeen questions about the earnings being slower than other other programs andstuff like that I mean this is your business this isyour decision on how you want to make money online foot for this kind ofprogram it has to be long term and it has to be stable you know for the nextfew years at least right so you have to be patient if you're only coming in with$10 $15 a hundred dollars you know you have to be patient and understand thatyou have to compound your earnings if you've got goals in mind if you want toread $25 pay fifty dollars per day or two hundred dollars per day whatever youknow you have to understand how the business works and you have tounderstand how you can benefit from that from the long-term you know some peopleare investing in this company and that they're not worried necessarily theirsay you know i'll start taking money out early next year you know when a new yearhappens you know at least you've got that money you might be in a financialsituation later on so the is more important to understand how this worksfor the long I'm the longevity for you you know sodon't necessarily worry too much about how things are going you can see howpowerful my compounding is working you know if I'm taking out small amount oncompounding back in each and every week it's been over a thousand you know lastweek was 1700 and something right but that's that's a substantial amount ofmoney in terms of earnings that i'm getting $MONEY each and every week andit's just getting bigger and bigger and Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online – My Paying Ads dollars a hundred dollars and twohundred dollars per day you know and that's the goal we're trying to aim forhere so you have to understand this you have to be patient with this but it'salso a bonus because you know you're advertising and you're also getting paidto advertise your own stuff as well which is just amazing and this company'sthe best company to do that in ok now as you can see here my comp progress won'tbe a substantial amount as before the last few weeks because you know I'vebeen withdrawing the amounts that actually if we go to the finance tabopen this up in a new tab withdraw history ok you can see here so September secondi took up two hundred dollars $200 $200 200 dogs you know and then pending whichis today and that the restrooms all done you know every single time I've beengetting these payments always done always sent out on time and everythinglike that so once I've got these payments and sorted out my financialsituation and i'm going to get back on track with its are not going to bealways with going two hundred dollars because right now it would be avulnerable stage where i am withdrawing too much money I've spoken about thisbefore my last two videos about making a safety withdrawal limit so that youdon't lose your ad pack earnings so you can consistently make those withdrawalsto some people are constantly taking out fifty dollars a hundred dogs today theydon't have a safety withdraw William it so eventually they're goingto start losing that packs and it's going to affect their their balance orlater on so right now I'm only doing this just to help my financial situationonce that's been sorted and you know in the next couple of days or so i'll getback on track and then you know next week we'll kind of just be and sort ofjust so so i guess but then the week after that you'll see the consistencystarting to grow again and then you'll see how strong the compounding will beas each and with each as each and every week goes on from there and you can seehow much i'll start withdrawing so before you see these $25 withdrawals andthen eventually what I'm trying to push we start to take out fifty dollars perday and then we'll eventually we'll get to 75 100 just take it step by step youcan see how powerful compounding inside the system will be and how beneficial itwill be for you guys once you get started as well now this could just goback over to here quickly so comparisons to last week if we just get this videobackups 460 free and total weight to your backpacks and now we've got 472 soprobably my last video I was somewhere around maybe 475 maybe somewhere aroundthat at the moment my five dollar ad packs are expiring ok I'm going to get alarge drop at some point maybe in a month or so because that's when I put myseed money in right and then that's why it's important to compound erroneouskeep building and building and building and then only taken out a substantialamount so a small portions or it's basically i'm taking out $25 so I don'tlose any adpack earnings and then even though i could I take out thirty fortydollars at that time I still stuck to $25 justice a consistent for the rest ofmonth so you know i will eventually get back on track and things will eventuallystart scaling from there now the actual patterns last time with 6500 c6 and now we are at 8340 dollars so youcan see how much is actually growing which is very very exciting now I actually want to try and see if ican get my calculator open 8340 no more- last week's earnings as well we can makethis comparison so where we 6566 so you can see here in terms of earnings forthe week 1774 which is actually even more than last week even though ihaven't been purchased in you know if I always not withdrawing two hundreddollars per day and still put in money back in the system it would be evengreater and I really don't know how much it would be just be a substantial matteris really really powerful but this earnings for this week 1774 which isjust amazing in my opinion so that's it for now guys I mean I haven't necessaryi mean not giving you guys an update with regards to the active membershipsand if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask ok and i'm here for you guys all the wayI know you've got questions regarding how much do you need funding and howmuch can you earn x-amount per month and stuff like that you know just understandthat this is going to take time but its investment in yourself ok i know somepeople go crazy this is not an investment and stuff like that not necessarily investing anyway becauseyou're purchasing advertising but the money that you put into advertisingyou're investing in yourself anyway whether your branding yourself where youare doing it to make more money or whatever the case is you know you'redoing it as a benefit to invest in yourself ok so whatever the case is youknow if you haven't joined yet there is a link just below and and what i'll doi'll probably be in touch of you guys at some point as well if you have anyquestions is also a link to my facebook and also be in touch with you then sountil then stay awesome and i'll talk to Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online – My Paying Ads.

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