KPI: Definition & Beispiele im Online Marketing

Hi, I'm Dennis MSO digital and I'll tell you today what is a Key Performance Indicator or KPI short and how you choose it wisely for your marketing.

Basically, we make our marketing so that it is measurable.

Meaning we look exactly: What we give out – in advertising costs before all this – and what we get to results back in, ie how many requests we are able to generate, for example.

To evaluate this "What brought that actually" we use KPIs, what exactly is Key Performance Indicators.

This is nothing more as hard indicators.

To interpret these hard metrics make sense, we need to set a goal first.

For this purpose we share here at the MSO digital our campaigns in the areas of branding or performance on.

You know determines the AIDA model, according to which the purchase process in "Attention", "Interest", "Desire" and "Action" is divided.

"Attention" and "Interest" can thereby easily be reached by branding campaigns.

Aim at branding campaigns is a long range, that is, we want to be seen.

Our customers should practicable thereafter remember our advertising.

Traditional channels of this would be as display advertising, YouTube advertising or television advertising.

Associated KPIs would as the impressions (number of screenings of advertising) we can measure the relevance on the click-through rate (CTR), we see how many visits on our site, the advertising generated or we measure the bounce rate.

On the other side is the area of ​​performance campaigns.

This can be good, "Desire" and "Action" cover, so the two areas where a potential prospect interacts with us.

And these are aligned clearly conversion oriented.

That is, in performance campaigns we see on how many contact requests, buying accounts or registrations are done.

Traditional channels for this are as Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Google Shopping or dynamic retargeting.

The KPIs are very much aligned with our objective of financial statements, which means that we measure the number of conversions that we look at the average order value, how great was the value of the basket, how high were the advertising cost per conversion or how many people have called us afterwards.

Please note: Only a few campaigns are directly attributable branding or performance.

Almost every campaign is a little mixed form, therefore, the consideration of multiple KPIs makes sense.

Important: All persons involved (both internally and externally) should agree on specific KPIs.

This means that all speak of the same KPIs and the same target number, for example, by the same two to three KPIs, to which the campaign is targeting.

Only in this way, it is ultimately possible good auszusteuern the campaign and to achieve the best results.

I hope I was able to provide a good insight into the topic KPIs, if you still have questions, write us happy (is address to see the video description) in the comments or email.

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