King Aurther had credit cards / fun facts

Some really strange facts.

Like the longest beard ever.

Or a grandma with the longest nails ever.

And King Arthur had the very first creditcard.

Say what? Stay Tuned.

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Lee Redmond from Salt Lake City, Utah, spent30 years growing her fingernails.

That is a very long time.

The great-grandmother was the Guinness WorldRecord holder for a female with the longest fingernails.

The unique and dazzling fingernails grew toa combined length of 28 feet and 4 inches.

Although Redmond requires special care forher nails, she led a relatively normal life.

Surprisingly enough she can even drive a car.

How can you drive a car with nails like that? Well, Oddly enough in 2009 she lost her titlewhen a car accident caused her to break her nails.

Now here is another interesting strange fact.

When Hans Langseth died in North Dakota in1927, he left his surviving children with a final wish: after his funeral, he wanted to have his beardcut off and stored for posterity.

His son did just that.

The beard sat tucked away, boxed in an attic,for decades, before Langseth's son Russell donated thebeard to the Smithsonian� which turns out to be a perfectly reasonableplace for the beard to be kept, because according to the Guinness Book ofWorld Records, Hans Langseth's beard is the longest beardin the world, a staggering 17 feet 6 inches long.

Wow, imagine combing that out every day.

Makes me wonder – oh, never mind, I don'twant to think about it.

Let us now go to Cassidy and Ray.

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Can you imagine that � having a 17-footlong beard or 28 feet long nails? Yeah, makes life a bit difficult to handle.

Get it, long nails � handle.

Oh, you think that is a weird strange fact.

Did you know King Arthur had credit cards? You do know that King Arthur was a fictionalcharacter – Right.

Yes – But! Medieval merchants developed an early versionof the credit card.

Now that sounds impossible but it is true.

In an era when currency was often unavailableand few people could read, the tally stick, a forerunner of today�shigh-tech credit cards, became increasingly popular in Europe.

In this early version of financial recordkeeping, notches were made on a wooden stick to indicate the amount lent�andowed.

The sticks were then split down the middle;the creditor kept one half and the debtor the other.

When a payment was made, the sticks were pairedup, and the payment was marked on the stick.

The tally stick system also had another built-inbenefit: It was nearly impossible to counterfeit, as the shape, size and grain of the woodenhalves had to match up perfectly.

Tally sticks were used in much of Europe,but probably nowhere as extensively as in England.

For more than 700 years, tally sticks wereused to collect taxes from local citizens, until the system wasfinally abandoned in 1826.

Wow, who knew that they had credit cards wayback then? Well, you know what the good book says – thereis nothing new under the sun.

Now back to Oasa and Zackery.

Wow, now that was truly interesting � Inever knew that! You know, I think Mr.

Medina is very sneaky.

What? Now why do you say that? Because – he is always sharing interestingfacts with us.

And what is wrong with that? I kind of like it.

Well, I think he is trying to get us to learnthings without us feeling like we are learning.

Oh come on.

This is all in fun.

And so what if we learn something.

What is wrong with that? Nothing, but it is still a bit sneaky.

If you want to learn more about these interestingfacts, follow the links below.

You see he is trying to get us to learn.

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