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welcome to our video channel of Jobs and Careers today i will be talking to you about a Job role of Pharmacists what does a Pharmacists actually do ? well lets check it out Pharmacists are the ones who assist patientswith their prescriptions.

They are ones who offer pharmacological information to manyhealth care team, they make sure to assess the drug therapies of patients.

They helpall the patients in preparation of medications by interpreting the orders of the physician.

They are responsible for dispense of medication for the purpose of labeling, storing and compoundingpharmaceuticals.

They assess the drug therapies by controlled medications and intervention.

They provide all pharmacological related information and also answer for all the requests and questionsraised by health care professionals.

A pharmacy is a 2 year course for diplomacategory, 4 year course for bachelor degree and 2 year for master degree.

There are amplepharmacy courses in India which include B.

Pharm (Bachelor of pharmacy), B.

Pharm (Hons) Bachelorof Pharmacy in Hons, B.

Pharm +MBA, B.

Pharm (Pharmaceutical chemistry), B.

Pharm (Pharmaceutics),B.

Pharm (Pharmacognosy), B.

Pharm (Unani), M.

Pharm + MBA, MBA (Pharma technology), M.


(Pharmacology), M.

Pharm, M.

Pharm (Bio Technology), M.

Pharm (Bulk drugs), M.

Pharm (clinical Pharmacy)and plenty more courses are available in almost all the pharma colleges in India.

There areample private as well as few government colleges to undertake the course.

In the same mannerthere are plenty of top universities in all major countries like USA, UK, France, China,Spain and other places which offer Pharma courses.

One needs to read through the websiteof the universities and satisfy its eligibility conditions for admission.

Once the course is completed the candidates needs to register with the state pharmacycouncil in order to open up their own pharmacy or a druggist and chemist shop.

Pharmacistscan also work in other private as well as government pharmacy companies.

As pharmacistthe candidates can work in biotechnology industries, research development, scientist, researchofficer, drug therapist, health officers, pathological lab, drug inspector, scientists,making patients prescription, chemical and drug technician, hospital drug coordinatorand lot more.

A few government bodies which absorb pharmacists are• Pharmacist in health and family welfare department• Municipal corporation of Delhi • Directorate of Indian system of medicineand homeopathy • Delhi Jal board• Drugs control department • National health missionApart from government jobs there are other private job openings in India which are thevarious famed druggist and chemist shops run privately and in hospitals.

• Columbia Asia hospitals • Apollo pharmacy• Fortis health care • Novartis• Vaasan healthcare • Apollo hospitals• Healthkart • Telerad Rx Dx• Bridgewaves • Advanced center for treatment researchand education in cancer Being considered as a highly reputed job,the salary range for pharmacy varies according to their designation.

The initial pay as apharmacists is about Rs 4000, In the same manner it is Rs 10,000 to 40,000 for researchscientists, for pharma representatives it would be about 5,000 to Rs 10,000 along withincentives, hospital pharmacists would earn an amount of Rs 3000 to Rs 5000.

For governmentjobs the salary would range about 4000 Rs per month along with provident fund, insurance,DA, medical reimbursement and many other facilities.

Pharmacists is one best course which has abright future and copious opportunities for future.

So i will like to conclude pharmacists is one of the best course which has the bright future and copious opportunities for the future thus pharmacists are like the second legal lords all the best folks i hope you do very will and hope i lightened you in all the information you needed about Pharmacy we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below.

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