Job Roles For Office Boy –Secretaries,Administrative assistant,Entry level position

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Today I will be talking toyou about a job role of an office boy.

Office boys are another category of jobs which arealways in demand almost all the offices private as well as government officesrequire office boys for the basic work Do you know the basic responsibility andeducation biographer an office boy well let's find out Let’s hover over the topic and get toknow the complete details of an office boy.

Office boys fall towards the secretaries and administrative assistant category.

The duties of the office boys variesaccording to the environment of the organization it is an entry levelposition usually filled with graduates the basic duty of office boy is thatthey help and performing administrative duties serving beverages to staffs and visitors, handling various papers and electronic files, and greeting visitors too.

They are the ones who open and close the office every day, they are the ones who organize and maintain records, maintenance and repair of any equipment in the office is their responsibility they also sometimes answer incoming calls and divert them to the respective professionals, collect and deliver messages to the person, delivering or picking up mails, messages or packages related to the office, they also take up the complete responsibility of outside works, such as going to banks or some other chores.

The main eligibility criterion for any office boy job is that the candidate should have completed high school with 10th or 12th.

Certain organizations require office boys with skills such as driving along with a valid driving license, good communication skills to speak with theclient's and the knowledge of banking couriers, postal etc.

There are few organizations which also require the require the office boys to know more of plumbing and electrical knowledge too.

The salary for office boys varies according to the company certain companies’ pay an amount of Rs 4000 and certain companies start with a salary of Rs 8000 per month.

In the same manner certain bigger companies offer more salary.

The office timings would be the timing they work which is usually from morning 10 to 7 and companies that that work for a night shift request the office boys to work accordingly.

There are many companies which offer hikes for office boys and other benefits.

A few private organizations that recruit office boys are many in number almost all top BPO’s, multinational companies, banks, offices, and lot more recruit office boys, where a few of them are mentioned.

• Triaxis Colonnades, Bangalore• Vov international, Mumbai• Bright star and company Mumbai• Accenture• Temple tree leisure resorts• Bright group of companies, Mumbai• Triumphant institute of management education private limited• Galaxy resource private limited, Luck nowThese are a few private jobs where office boys are required.

Office boys are also recruited by foreign countries like UAE, Dubai and many other countries, where the candidates are sent through consultancies.

Almost all government offices also require office boys for cleaning, serving tea or coffee and other helping work in the office environment.

They do not require a very strong educational background and almost receive the samesalary as other office boys the shift is fixed for the office boys ingovernment jobs which is dayshift always.

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