Job Roles For Clerk – Govt Organizations,Office assistant,Handling Petty Cashes

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Today i ll be talking to you about the job roles of a clerk Clerk job is usually known with various othernames like clerical job, clerical assistant, administrative clerk and so on.

Basically,a clerk is someone who takes care of routine administrative works in an organization.

Job description The basic clerical operations would includefiling, recording, communicating with clients on behalf of executives, attending importanttele-communications, researching, handling databases and other document, supporting receptionwork.

All administrative works would be handled by a clerk.

It is an office desk work.

Typically,all clerical jobs would be 9-5 jobs.

Some companies might require a part-time clerk.

The most common departments which need clerks are HR, accounts and for personal assistancefor top executives.

Other prime responsibilities of a clerk area) Bookkeeping and other financial duties – handling petty cashesb) Answering unsolicited inquiries c) Controlling basic office operationsd) Managing travel arrangement and other expense reports for executivese) Managing office stocks or inventories which are required for basic operationsf) Managing payroll checks and related data entryIn case of a billing clerk, the candidate would be requested to handle invoices, memosand other finance related operations.

Moreover, duties of a clerk can vary from company tocompany.

It is always better to read the job description provided by the company, beforeapplying for a clerk job.

Candidate requirementsThe job requirements and other details for a clerical job in government institutionswould vary from private sector.

In case of government jobs, candidates have to take upa written test and those who score above a cut-off would be considered for the position.

In case of private companies, candidates with a diploma course or bachelor degree in scienceor arts are usually sought.

Candidates should havea) Excellent communication skill (telephonic, face-to-face and written)b) Interpersonal skills c) Basic computer skillsd) Basic knowledge about using finance and management related software packagese) Knowledge about company policies and other standards would be an added advantage.

F) Knowledge of the local language is a must.

g) Knowledge in additional languages wouldbe an added advantage.

Candidates who have attention to details,better in handling low level employees and those with better time management skills areusually sought.

Candidates with professional background like engineering or master degreeholders are not usually sought for this position.

Growth in this career pathThis may look like a menial job for many people.

However, if you are able to get a few yearsexperience in this field, you can take up managerial positions like office manager oradministrative positions like administrative executive.

If you want to take up a careergrowth in the same field, you can apply for head clerical positions after gaining a minimumof five years of experience.

If you are a clerk in a government institution, you cantake up examinations like CAIIB or JAIIB to increase your grade and promotion.

Clerical jobs are not low level unskilled jobs.

It is the entry position for officeadministration.

If you are a commerce student, you can take up accounts clerical or billclerk positions to grow in your respective field.

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