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Erik: How has your teaching experience madeyou a more effective finance professional? Andrew: I was asked this question a long timeago when I first left teaching and I havenÕt thought of it as much since then but itÕsstill true; in my years teaching I wasÉ standing up in front of a group of twenty five to thirtyseventh or eighth graders ready to deliver everyday, occasionally there would be curveballsthrown at you by behavior or a lesson plan doesnÕt go as planned and you have to beable to improvise on your feet and keep things moving and on direction.

My first few yearsworking in the business world things come at you all the time, curveballs, things thatdonÕt work out as planned and the ability to keep the focus, keepÉ keep the ball movingif thatÕs whatÕs called for.

Just an ability to improvise and stay on track was what Ilearned from my seventh and eighth graders and itÕs what I use today and what I usedat Island Def Jam, stay calm stay cool you can get this don this tricky task thatÕshas come your way Erik: Can you give me an example of one corporateexperience where that consistency and that focus made a difference in how you performed? Andrew: Well, I used to get calls in my roleas a finance and operations director at Island Def Jam from people who were on the road withan artist and something had gone horribly wrong or not as expected and in my role ashelping keep things functioning and the marketing and promotion happening I had to stay calmand explain how we were going to resolve it, how we were going to handle it, what we needto do to take care of it so that way the artist could be taken care of and the event couldgo on as planned or whatever it was and that ability to stay calm and cool with someonemaybe panicked on the other end of the line half way across the country is important andthatÕs the same kind of ÔOh my god, this seventh grader is upset, heÕs pissed, heÕsupset with the girl next to him, they got intoÕ- the ability stay calm and cool infront of the class room is the same sort of skill set.

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