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Hey guys, in this video only teach you howto make money online with affiliate marketing and hopefully in future you will be able toquit your job and live from the income you earn online alright, let's get started! During this video I will be talking aboutWeb Development, SEO, Email Marketing and various other things It's important to notethat if you see a box like this on the screen it means you can click on it and you willbe taken to a page where you can learn more in detail I will also put a list of resourcesin the description below How to make money online is a question that is constantly askedand many believe that it is just a myth and who blames them? There is just so much crap information outthere on how to make money online and so many shady sites trying to make a quick buck ithonestly drives me insane whenever I see one of those ridiculous Facebook ads claimingthat their mastermind course will teach you how to make a six-figure income online withinjust a few weeks what's even more ludicrous other ads that are selling products claimingthat they will build your business on auto-pilot in this video I'm going to share with youthe truth about making money online from my personal experience and giving the knowledgeyou need to succeed online if you execute what you are about to learn is almost guaranteedthat you will make money online if you already have it on my business including a store youcan use this same method to increase your income by expanding your product range orby utilizing the skills of other marketers here is an overview of what you are aboutto learn how I've made money online, what is affiliate marketing, getting started withaffiliate marketing, adding affiliate products to your website, getting traffic to your website,affiliate marketing is a vendor, the hardships of affiliate marketing and then were goingto finish up with the conclusion how I've made money online there are many differentways you can make money online and I successfully made money with Google AdSense Google AdSensewas the first thing I tried in my online business career and even though it took me six yearsto reach the payment threshold I finally received a check for $102.

43 I personally do not recommendGoogle AdSense as there are much better ways to make money online network marketing afterGoogle AdSense I decided to try network marketing also known as MLM in just over a year I builtan entire team using a simple blog and I was ranked in the top 100 people for the companyI decided to drop out of network marketing when I discovered it wasn't for me networkmarketing is a very difficult industry freelancing freelancing is something I still do by nowthat my blog has become popular a contract directly with clients rather than using third-partywebsites eBay and gumtree importing products from Asia and selling them on eBay and gumtreeis something I continue to do but it is not my main focus I will create a detailed guideon how to start an eBay business in the near future affiliate marketing this is my favouriteway to make money online and it's what I'm about to teach you the reason why I highlyrecommend it fully marketing is because it's very cheap and easy to start up you are usuallypaid in USD and it is very realistic to be able to make 5,000+ a month it is also possibleto create a passive income stream for example I'm still getting paid at least once a monthfrom a website I made three years ago and no longer maintain I continue to renew thedomain each year as it brings in a lot more than the cost of the domain renewal affiliatemarketing is something anyone can do you just need to be patient consistent and willingto learn it's almost inevitable that you will eventually make money online with affiliatemarketing and whether it's a small or large amount really depends on your effort so whatis affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing andit is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's or company's productseach time you recommend a product to someone and they make a purchase you will earn a pieceof the profit it is important to note that the profit you earn is at no extra cost tothe customer there are thousands of products and services that you can promote you mayeven be a frequent user of an affiliate product and not even know it companies that you arelikely to know who have affiliate programs are Uber, Amazon, eBay and Microsoft keepin mind that I have listed these companies as examples we will go into detail on howto find good products to promote later on affiliate marketing is a long-term businessventure and it usually takes average person 6 to 12 months to make the first sale, however,it snowballs pretty quickly the first time I tried affiliate marketing it took me sevenmonths to make my first sale but the second time it only took me three months becauseI had the experience and knew what I was doing pro tips it is recommended that you only sellproducts that you have personally used do not sell products just to make money sellproducts to help people you can increase the amount of sales you make by going the extramile to personally help customers with their questions by helping customers you can alsodramatically reduce the refund rate pretend the products you are selling your own gettingstarted with affiliate marketing the first thing you need to do is create a plan andbuild your online presence choose a niche it's very important to pick a niche that youare interested in and not one you think will make you the most money the reason is becauseaffiliate marketing is a long-term business venture and you need to create a lot of contentaround your niche if you pick a niche that you are not genuinely interested in you willget bored and quick you don't need to be an expert you just need to have a high levelof interest you then need to decide whether you are going to build a personal brand ora business brand to build an online business you need to have a website to build a websiteyou first need to purchase web hosting and a domain name I highly recommend BlueHostas they are very cheap and easy to use I also have a tutorial on how to use BlueHost toinstall WordPress in just one minute WordPress is the platform I recommend you use to createa website set up your email marketing they say the money is in the list which is truebecause those who subscribe to your mailing list will continue to receive your emailsand over time this will build loyalty and trust it is crucial that you always over deliverin value before trying to sell something otherwise your emails will be seen as spam and yoursubscribers will unsubscribe just to be clear value is not always educational content itcan also be content that is entertainment or escapism basically it is something thatanother person is willing to exchange their time for to set up your email marketing youneed two things a way to capture emails and a way to send emails there are many free pluginsthat allow you to capture emails but I personally use and highly recommend Thrive Leads ThriveLeads is very easy to use and allows you to create various pop-ups, widgets, in contentforms, lock content, forms and much more I will put a complete video demo of Thrive Leadsin the description below another thing to consider when setting up your mailing listis what information you would like to collect I personally only collect the user's firstname and email as it allows me to personalize every email according to their first namekeep in mind that people do not like filling in forms so keep it too minimal to send emailsto your mailing list you need a mailing service a aWeber is a mailing service that is usedby most of the top Internet marketers in the world and it is recommended if you are seriousabout your email marketing alternatively you can use MailChimp's free mailing plan whichis very limited compared a aWeber but definitely a great way to get started create your socialmedia accounts at the very least you should create a YouTube account and a Facebook pagein the description below I will put a link to a video which will show you how to inviteall of your friends to like your Facebook page in one go create content now that youhave created a website and social media accounts it's time to start creating content you firstneed to research what your target audience is struggling with and then provide them witha solution so how exactly do you research put yourself in their shoes or even betterfind various online communities in your niche and take note of the questions that have beenasked repetitively you can also use Q&A sites such as Quora to do your research once youfind a common problem that your audience is struggling with you can then provide themwith a solution in a detailed blog post if you like you can also use Google's KeywordPlanner to see how many times the topic is searched in Google each month see how I highlighteddetailed blog post this is because most people including myself initially fall into the trapof blogging just for the sake of creating content and you end up making content thatis "good enough" unfortunately content that is "good enough" doesn't cut it your contentneeds to be excellent! The better your content the more exposureit will get because great content is shared on social media and on other websites whichalso improves SEO it is also important to ensure that your blog posts are search enginefriendly so how do you make great content? You spend time or money if you prefer to hiresomeone to do for you for example are most people willing to spend the time to createa video like this and a blog post to go with it? Most likely not it.

It would be much easier for them to just sharemy video blog post or just linked to them from their website "Successful people do whatunsuccessful people are not willing to do" when creating content you should check tosee what already exists out there and then make something better slightly different forexample there are so many amazing tutorials on SEO for beginners that I simply can't competewith for this reason I decided to make my SEO tutorial a step-by-step video series tovisually show the basics of SEO in detail is my SEO tutorial better than the othersare there? To some people it is to others it isn't butbecause it took a different approach it appeals to a different audience to my competitorsonce you finish your blog post you can re-purpose it to extend its reach for example you canturn the blog post into an image video and/or audio file which then can be posted on yourwebsite and on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vivmo,iTunes SoundCloud, and so on.

the more content you have spread out aroundthe Internet the better and by recreating content in different media formats it allowsyou to dramatically increase your traffic by attracting it from different sources itdoesn't matter if the information is the same because different formats attract differentpeople Adding Affiliate Products after you have made some awesome content for your visitorsyou can begin adding affiliate products to your website think about what products andservices you personally use that are relevant to your niche and check to see if they havean affiliate program to check simply go to Google and search for company name affiliatefor example if your content is about graphic design and you use Adobe products then doa search for Adobe affiliate once you have exhausted the products you're most familiarwith you can branch out and find more products to promote by using affiliate networks affiliatenetworks are websites where venders can add their products so they can be found by Internetmarketers and promoted there are many affiliate networks to choose from but I'm only goingto recommend the ones I tried Commission Junction, PaySpree, ClickBank, ShareASale, OneNetworkDirectand JVZoo the user interface of affiliate sites are very similar once you login youwill have your dashboard if you other things on the menu called affiliates, advertisersor something similar this is what you need to click on to see a list of products youcan promote each product tells you how much you will earn in commission and a few otherdetails some products require you to obtain approval before you can start promoting whichis usually pretty easy affiliate terminology can be confusing at first so let's take aminute to go through some terms you will often see Affiliate Link this is the link you needto share with others in order to get paid EPC EPC stands for earnings per click andit represents the average earnings per 100 clicks EPC is used to show the ability toconvert clicks into commissions Grav Grav is short for gravity and it is the numberof distinct affiliates who earn a commission by promoting the vendor's products duringthe past 12 weeks, it is not an actual number of affiliate's Cookies in affiliate marketingis quite common to use cookies so if you prefer a customer today but they complete the purchasea few days later you still get paid different affiliate vendors have different cookie durationsso it is a good idea to learn more about their cookie system before promoting the productthis information is usually listed in their FAQ section once you've decided on the productsyou would like to promote grab their affiliate links and start placing them within your contentkeep in mind that the products you are promoting need to be relevant to the content pro tipsmake the affiliate products part of the process for example I have made BlueHost part of theprocess for building a website and making money online, BlueHost is an affiliate productthat I use if you are teaching people how to get fit create content showing how youuse the product and how it has helped you reviewing affiliate products is a good wayto promote your affiliate links you can even create content comparing two affiliate productsagainst each other create a Resources page and add it to your menu having a Resourcespage will boost your earnings significantly because people love good resources if youcan recommend something that will make someone else's life easier they will be very gratefulfor it you won't just earn a commission for loyalty as well use bit.

Ly to shorten theURL of your affiliate link or the WordPress plugin ThirstyAffiliates to change the linkto include your URL this is how the original affiliate link looks like this is what itlooks like with bit.

Ly and this is what it looks like with ThirstyAffiliates Google recommendsthat you No-Follow affiliate links ThirstyAffiliates gives you the option to do this but if youare not using it then you can use another WordPress plugin or do it manually by usingHTML getting traffic getting traffic is the hardest and most important part of makingmoney online because without it you will not make any sales as we discussed earlier themost effective way to get traffic is to go above and beyond with your content and thenre-purpose for different platforms there are many different ways to get traffic but weare only going to focus on the methods that are free and that worked for me you shouldalso note that just because something works for me it doesn't necessarily mean it willwork for you so it is recommended that you try various tactics to find what works bestfor you how to drive traffic to your website is a huge topic but for now we're going tokeep it brief and simple so you can get started right away my top traffic sources are GoogleYouTube Facebook and Online Communities less take a look at these in more detail GoogleSEO is a very time-consuming and can take a long time for your efforts to kick in itusually takes between 6 to 12 months it can also be difficult to compete against the playerswho have been around for a while and have already established themselves for this reasonI don't recommend that you compete against them for the same keywords at the very beginninginstead target various long-tail keywords as they will allow you to rank your pagesmuch faster and easier once you have established yourself you can start competing against thebig players for the same keywords YouTube YouTube is amazing for traffic and it's ashame that a lot of people do not utilize it it is the second biggest search engineafter Google and the traffic you get from it is much higher quality than the trafficyou get from a Google search this is because people see and hear you which allows you tobuild a connection before they visit your website as opposed to when they stumble uponyour website from a Google search if you haven't already I highly recommend that you startbuilding a YouTube channel and start utilizing my YouTube SEO tricks Facebook the use ofa Facebook page has become a standard for every business but Facebook groups are stillvery underutilized Facebook groups are a great way to attain new customers and drive newtraffic you can use a program like the Facebook group poster to automatically join in postergroups by the most effective way to get quality traffic from groups is to be helpful joina private group relevant to your niche preferably one that is monitored and spam free and justbe helpful while dropping links to your website for example I joined an Australian businessgroup and every day I see several questions on my newsfeed if the question is somethingI have written a blog post about I briefly answer it and then drop a link to my postby doing this you can get quality traffic and build a good reputation people will bevery grateful that you took the time to answer their questions and took that extra step toprovide them with a link where they can learn more in detail if you see a question thatkeeps been asked but you don't have any content on it spent some time to create it so nexttime it pops up you can answer it and drop your link you can use this same tactic toshare your links in other online communities without being a spammer the only downsideto posting in Facebook groups is that you are unable to use your Facebook fan page topost this means that you will need to use your personal account or create a new oneit is very unlikely that your posts will show up on the first page of Google your answerswill eventually be pushed into the bottom never to be seen again pro tips it is a goodidea to have your website URL listed in your about me section invisible to the public youshould also have your Facebook fan page linked from your profile avoid getting into argumentswith people you will often see some very silly advice but you are there to drive trafficto your website and by school and someone you are wasting time even though it's niceto answer questions for people it's a little pointless for your business if you are unableto drop a link to your website along with your answer add your website URL to your Introsection so it is highly visible for when people click onto your profile online communitiessuch as forums and Q&A sites are a great way to drive traffic to your website while buildinga reputation just like posting the Facebook groups you need to help people with theirquestions and then drop a link to a relevant blog post the great thing about forums isthat you can add your website URL in your signature so even if you just participatein conversations without dropping a link you can still gain some traffic I recommend thatyou only contribute to forums that have a large user base and allow signatures thereare two main advantages that forums have over Facebook groups forums are often searchablethis means if someone searches the forum there is a chance that they will find your answeralso seen as forums are often indexed by Google there is a chance that your response willshow up in Google search results it also takes longer for your answers to be pushed intothe bottom never to be seen again blog consistently this is something even I struggle with becausethe content I create is so detailed and always includes a video however multiple studieshave shown that if you do not blog consistently the traffic will drop one of the case studiesdone by a world-class blogger showed that when he stopped looking for a month afteryears of blogging his traffic drop so dramatically they took him three months of consistent bloggingto getting back to where he was before he stopped affiliate marketing as a vendor themain focus of this guide is to learn how to make money online by selling other people'sproducts but let's spend a few minutes looking at affiliate marketing as a vendor in caseyou are planning to create a product in future already have one there are two ways to setup an affiliate system the easiest way is to add your product to an affiliate networkwhere you will be charged a small fee for each sale that is made alternatively you cantake the time to set up an affiliate system directly on your website if you are usingWordPress there are a few plugins available that can help you do this but your productwill get much more exposure using an affiliate network by using affiliate marketing as avendor you can get skilled Internet marketers to promote your product which will save youtime and money you can also look at what affiliates are driving sales and replicate their campaignsfor yourself to find a affiliate networks to list your product you can search Googlefor things like top affiliate, networks affiliate, networks for health affiliate, networks inAmerica and so on it is important to note that your landing pages need to be fine-tunedor you will have a hard time finding affiliates to push your offer as they are limited byhow much time and resources they have you need to be careful which affiliate you approveto promote your product because most of affiliates focus on making money they don't care if whatthey're doing is ethical or not and this can be very dangerous for your business if affiliatesstart sending you bad traffic or creating fake press about your product you will startgetting a lot of bad reviews from customers that have been lied to it's also importantto monitor the ads that affiliate's run because you can run into legal issues if they arecreating fake promises for example there may create a case studies and landing pages todrive sales hardships of affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is very difficult mentallyso before you make the decision to start you need to be certain that you are willing tocommit the hardest thing about making money online is that it takes a lot of time andeffort and just like everything else in life your heart needs to be in at 100% time ittakes a lot of time to reach a high monthly income with a affiliate marketing becauseyou need to build your social media accounts you website create excellent content and redistributethat content onto different media platforms you then need to promote it and wait for Googleand other search engines to index it creating an online business is very time-consumingand you will need to give up things in exchange for time to work on your business I understandthat it's very hard to find time when you are working full-time especially if you havea family with young kids however the truth is you can always make time but if you can'tthen unfortunately making money online is not for you pro tips watch a maximum of twomovies or TV shows a week replace music with pod casts and audiobooks if you catch publictransport to work use that time to work on your business if you drive to work stay backand work on your business until rush hour is over it's much more effective to work onyour business than to wait in traffic for hours instead of taking lunch breaks at worktake your food to another room and work on your business all of these things I thinkthat I did to get to where I am today staying motivated we as humans are not very patientand always want quick results but because affiliate marketing takes months you are likelyto start doubting yourself you will feel as if you are working so hard by getting nowhereyou may even begin looking for new opportunities and your commitment to a affiliate marketingwill slowly fade but you need to stay strong and keep going keep in mind that doubt anduncertainty is something that every entrepreneur goes through to help you overcome anxietythink of a strong reason why you want to succeed and continue to remind yourself why you aregrinding so hard in the first place money is great but there is always a much deeperreason what will money allow you to do exactly it also helps to follow those who have alreadysucceeded in your niche on social media so you can continue to receive inspiration negativityfrom family and friends most people do not understand affiliate marketing and how profitableit can be in fact most find it hard to grasp anything outside the scope of a job sinceyou have made it this far into the video in means that you genuinely want a way out ofthe rat-race and I really believe that you can do it the majority of people do not havesolid goals in place to reach their dreams they may say they do but the things they doon a daily bases show otherwise and that's absolutely fine it is much easier to livelife in a pattern to wake up every morning to go to work come back home and watch TVthan it is to suddenly change and begin working in your free time it is also much easier tomake excuses and to take action only times have you heard �I really want to but I justdon't have the time� no one should be judged by the way they choose to live but becauseyou will start doing something different you will stand out from the crowd people willask you and will advise you to focus on your career even though they have absolutely noidea about the possibilities that exist online you will also find yourself constantly beenasked things like �how�s that on my thing you're doing making lots of money yet?�and people will laugh when you tell them that you are still working on it �haha see Itold you! Just get a new job already� This feels reallycrap especially if you've been working your ass off for months it�s even worse whenthis negativity comes from people you love such as your partner or your parents whenyou begin to experience this is important to remember that these are just obstaclesthat you need to overcome to succeed it is much easier for someone to sit back and judgeyou then it is for them to chase their goals every single person that has exceeded onlinehas gone through these very same things people just can't yet comprehend that making moneyonline is very real but it takes time it is common for an entrepreneur are building atraditional business to go through these hardships as well for those who experience negativityfrom their parents you need to remember that they grew up in a different era when Internetdid not exist their way of thinking may be outdated but they are just trying to adviseyou what they think is best for you from their experience, again, it is very helpful to followthose who have already succeeded on social media so you can continue to receive inspirationobsession creating a business requires a lifestyle change and this may be very difficult in thebeginning but as time goes by your mind and body will adjust once adjusted you may findyourself obsessed with learning new marketing techniques and working on your business whenthis time comes you need to remember to sleep, exercise and spend time with loved ones eventhough in this video we focused on a affiliate marketing from an affiliate prospective youcan use it as a vendor to encourage Internet marketers to promote your own products asan affiliate it takes a lot of time and effort to make a good amount of money online butif you're persistent you will reach a point where you are making more money online thanyou are at your full-time job once you reach this point you will be very grateful thatyou made the decision to change your lifestyle and dedicate yourself even if you do not endup making a large amount of money with affiliate marketing, you will definitely pick up a lotof awesome Internet Marketing skills that you can use on your next business venture,to freelance or to add to your resume.

If you do end up making money as a resultof this video please contact me and let me know as it will make me very happy.

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