How my career in Finance started

I first started thinking about finance asa career largely because my parents, my father in particular, really held it up as a goodcareer to go into.

Partly I ended up in finance because I was really good at it.

I had reallygood A Levels, and that led me to a degree in finance.

I found creative media as an industry to workin, and that really sealed it for me.

It took the dryness out of being an accountant, andthe worries I had about being an accountant were dispelled by working in a company andan industry which just isn't like that.

It's not like working in a bank.

It's a much morerelaxed, nice environment to work in on a day-to-day basis.

I chose Seven largely at the time becauseit just felt like a good fit for me personally.

In a creative company, it's not just aboutthe maths and crunching spreadsheets.

It's about understanding creative people and thesort of work they do and in servicing the financial commercial aspects of that sortof work.

I like going to work partly because of thechallenge.

It's quite unpredictable.

I have senior people from around the company, non-financepeople, board members constantly coming with requests for information.

I have to interprettheir needs and what the financial implications are of what they're asking and be able topresent it in different ways.

I like managing a team.

I have seven peopleworking for me.

I quite like creating a nice team dynamic and making it a nice departmentto work in.

The creative people at this company are great people to work with and to socializewith.

That's a huge part of me enjoying my day-to-day job.

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