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Greetings to all I am Anuradha Sharda and from the team of Saptarishis Astrology my friend Vithal Moolya welcomes you dearly.

Today we have with us Nitin Kashyap and he has come forward to teach us how to see in a person's chart if he is capable of getting a government job.

So without wasting much time we hand over to Nitin ji, who will brief us about today's lesson.

Jai Shri Ram! As you mentioned that there is a lot of craze among Indians for government jobs,if they'll get it or not? We did a research on the charts of IAS, IPS and IFS officers, in order to understand those special combinations that ensure only their selection amongst lakhs of people who apply.

What are those special combinations that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Today I will share with you about the planetary positions that the people who will have a possibility of becoming IAS, IPS officers in future, will probably have in their charts.

On that basis I am sharing with you the research.

We gathered data from almost 70 charts for this study.

The principle we applied on these charts is as shown.

Lets start from the fundamental information of astrology first.

What Karakas are responsible for success after struggle.

what we have to focus on is that one which Bhavas we have to concentrate on and why.

Lagna or 1st house is of our body, our whole being so naturaly it will have its own importance.

2nd house is of speech and the articulation of our feelings.

During oral interviews this house has a lot of importance.

5th house is of your intelligence and logical thinking 6th house tell you how you deal with difficulties and how you react upon them.

The amount of strength you have to deal with your struggles.

10th house deals with your Karma and the 11th is the outcome of your Karma.

What you sow is the 10th house what you'll reap out of it will be the 11th house.

Now if we talk about planets then Saturn is the Karaka of Service to others,that why we have taken Saturn for the purpose of work as you serve others when you work.

Sun is the Karaka of Government so we have taken Sun for that purpose.

So the related Varga(divisional charts) for this purpose are D-10 which deals with our professional life and how much strength we will put in that area.

Secondly D-24 which shows our learning and grasping abilities simultaneously.

lets see on what principles we took our research further.

We applied some basic principles like u can see the strength of 6th house and 11th house.

how many Bindus are there is Asthakvarga.

Secondly amongst various Trikonas of Sun and Saturn e.

G 1,5,9 is Dharma Trikona,2,6,10 is Arth Trikona,3,7,11 are Kama Trikona and 4,8,12 are Moksha Trikona so according to this we have to see that Sun and Saturn fall in which Trikona the most.

Thirdly we will again see the strength of 6th house in D-10 to know if a person is capable to serve other people or not.

There is a Yoga mentioned in "Phala Deepika" called the "Shankh(conch) Yoga" which states that if the lord of fifth house and 6th house are in mutual kendras(Angular houses) then its a good sign in achieving success in competitive exams.

so this is one of the yogas for success in competitive exams.

Lord of fifth house and 6th house are in mutual kendras Angular houses 1,4,10 should be together.

For seeing mutual Kendras you have to start from the 5th house as the first house and then see if the lords are in mutual Angular houses.

now we will see the Vimsopaka Bala of Satun and Sun.

As you know that the Vimsopaka Bala in divisional charts show the strength of Saturn in various houses and according to that we allot him points out of 20.

Rather looking at various divisional charts and finding out its strength we can directly see points of Vimsopaka Bala and get an idea about the performance of the planet.

Vimsopaka Bala can be very easily seen in Jagannatha Hora and save our viewers calculation time and effort.

Shad bala is also seen like this through Sun and Saturns mutual connection.

Like Anuradha ji pointed out that 5th and 6th lords can be either in Kundali Kendra or mutual Kendra.

like what is the mutual connection between Saturn n Sun.

Not like 9th, 5th or 2nd 12th.

Mutual connections must make sense.

Saturn and Suns positions in the signs they are placed.

Their positions in the D-10.

The institution which i belong to give utmost importance to divisional charts.

If you look at Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra,in that they have D-10 broken down in various sub sections for every 3 degrees, like the first 3 degree is Indra and so on n so forth.

So we have to look at those sub sections and see where Sun and Saturn sit.

lets look at the first rule i.

E 6th house strength through Ashtakavarga.

When we were predicting amongst 70, 90% of the charts got more than 25 points.

When we researched the 11th house then we saw that 97.

5% people scored more than 25 points in the 11th house in Ashtakvarga.

Only in 2.

5 % charts the principle didn't work.

11th house is also important as its 6th from the 6th house.

So it becomes like a secondary house to see our interest towards competitive exams and government jobs.

The principle Bhavat bhavam also states to see the 6th from the 6th.

So this also increase the importance of 11th house.

next principle we will see where Sun is sitting in various Trikonas.

We have 4 trikonas so the probability of sun being in anyone of them is 25 %.

Here in dharma trikona i.

E 1,5,9 houses,more than 40 % people had sun in their charts Arth trikona i.

E 2,6,10 is was less than 20%.

Kama trikona i.


3,7,11 it was further reduced to 5% and in moksha trikona i.

E 4,8,12 is it good results.

So if Sun is in your 1,5,9 house or 4,8,12 house then your have more chances of succeeding in getting into this field of work.

This also means they are bound by Dharma to work in this field and their progress also happens if they are in this field.

Ethically they have to follow certain rules to reach this status.

they are bound by dharma.

when we saw Saturn then it was found in the Kama trikona mostly.

So if ypur going to competitive exams then 3,7,11 is a good place for Saturn to sit in.

rest we got mixed results for Saturn.

so if u see the charts there are 7 combination of houses and the strengths Saturn will have in them for a person to get through the exams.

So if we get ore than 35% then its a achievement in its self Whenever Saturn and sun are placed 4,10 mutually its a good sign for doing government job or IAS.

Secondly 3,11 and 5,9 is also a good combination.

You might notice a curve from 3,11-4,10-5,9 that is a good place for the planets to be.

Shri R.

G Rao who had a very good knowledge of Nadi astrology wrote in this book that if Sun Saturn are 5,9 then sun will definitely have an effect on your work place.

This also implies on 5,9-3,11 opposite trikona and also on same trikona.

Now we will see the Vimsopaka Bala of sun.

From out of 20 how many points did sun get in the researched charts.

It was more than 68% in 13 charts,28% in 9-13 charts and less than 4% in 9 charts.

So we see that more the Vimsopaka bala of Sun in your chart ,more chances you have of getting a government job and of a higher post.

Now we will see the Vimsopaka Bala of Saturn.

It was more than 52% in 13 charts,28% in 9-13 charts and less than 20% in 9 charts.

We researched thoroughly in these charts that why i a showing you the % in which this principle worked and the rest also in which this did not work well.

Now various positions of sun in D-10.

As you can see there are ten sub categories in D-10 and for sun to come in each one is around 10%.

See in Indra, Agni, Kuber ,Anant.

When sun was in these D-10 sub divisions then people had more chances of getting a government job.

Indra is the King of the Court so if you have the values of Indra more then its obvious that you will have a good post in administrative services.

when Agni came, it was high in the charts of IPS officer and people in the police in d-10 sub divisions.

IRS had Kuber in higher values and IFS was high in Anant d-10 sub divisions.

After having these results we were quite happy and amazed to see the accuracy.

This is for the information of our viewers that D-10 is sub divided in 10 parts and each has 3 degrees to it.

Their names are Indra ,Agni and so on.

Now various positions of Saturn in D-10.

In Indra it was a lot but in the rest we got mixed results.

This is Kiran Bedis chat and sun is in dharam trikona 1,5,9 bhava.

secondly sun and Saturn's mutual position is 4,10.

Thirdly the type of planets which affect the Lagna lord and the moon, a person has interest in that field.

As you can see that the Lagna lord(Mercury)is sitting with sun and mars in the 9th house and the same sun and mars are affecting the moon chart.

So both lagna lord and moon are under the influence of Sun and mars.

In such case the person going in IPS is much higher.

This is the chart of KPS GILL and if you look closely then sun Saturn is in 3,11.

Sun is in Dharma trikona.

Saturn is Aquarius in D-10 as well as in Lagna.

If you see the Vimsopaka Bala chart on the screen where VB is written.

In front of sun 17 is written and Saturn 18, only one point more so in such cases the possibilities are high of getting into government jobs.

so to sum up everything if you have more than 28 Ashtakvarga points in 6th house that a very good score.

If you have more than 28 Ashtakvarga points in 11th house that a very good score.

If you have sun in the Dharma Trikona then its very good and if Saturn is in Kama trikona then you have more chances of being successful in getting government job.

Saturn sun in 4-10,3-11 or 5-9 is good.

IF you have more than 13 Vimsopaka bala of satrun and suns then its good.

Sun being in Indra,Agni,Kuber and Anant D-10 Sub parts is good.

Saturn is Indra ,Kuber and Varun d-10 sub parts is good.

So this was my research on various charts and i hope you all will also test these techniques and share with us your experiences.

Thank you so much.

Until we meet again.

We thank Nitin Kashyap sir for explaining this beautifully and for making it easy for us to understand and this can be very easily seen in Jhora if we practice our skills and work hard.

And this will also test and show our level in Astrology and how seriously we are into the subject.

Thank you once again.

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