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good morning everybody I'm shooting my first google hangout using the new platform so this is really just to test and probably going to put all the information in here a little later on but i wanted to shoot this video because I'm gonna be starting back my vlogging with Sha I'm off screen now because I'm not really ahm doing this the way I normally would do it which is to you know really have everything set up i'm really just testing this out because everything has changed with google hangout and this is one of the platform's I you see you all the time but I want to get this video out really quickly because 2017 is Right rushing in and I wanted to let you guys know a little bit about what I've been up to in the last year and a half or so then i stopped vlogging i'm still with Global NPN I've been with this company since 2013 actually december is my anniversary being here for three years I'm i can say that the consistency of being with this company has really paid off because i have now launched i'm going to be launching my new product which is associated with global npn of course I'm but ahm global npn is a wealthy building ahm platform of online tools at every marketer needs in order to move there there are links properly and sufficiently on line but there's so much that I'm been happening to global NPN I cannot contain it in this one video so I'm going to be doing a series of videos and blogging which will include my tool suite called Toolkit Essentials where you essentially get a chance to make instant income along with the residual leg of global npn I'm just featuring this part because this is a big part of global npn and the last thing of my toolkit essential is to get people to start thinking about ways that they can use their actual skills that they have I'm not necessarily feeling like they have to join an actual MLM or network marketing business but they can use things like this like tools online and outsourced skills that they might have maybe you know maybe you are person that knows how to write really well that's just something that you naturally know how to do you know how to write while you know how to proofread maybe maybe you have some skills with your fingers and your your hands I'm gonna be highlighting some things here that you can do and how you can create just simple i'm nothing really fancy because honestly people just want to get to the point these days they don't want to go through too much stuff I'm so I i create pages is super simple it just gets to the point the person can watch a small 2 minute or minute-and-a-half video of what this might be um yeah so I'm the these you might be i'm sorry got distracted I'm so what that might look like I is that you will have a page of maybe i'm going to feature one day my google hangout my friend who's a co-worker of mine who made like about gonna ask her I this week how much he made but I think she made between $500 and $1000 doing these wreaths that she just on a whim said you know what i'm going to do a wreath I'm gonna wanna feature my wreaths and I'm gonna put them on facebook and what she did is she just put them on facebook people started to order them and you can do things like that guy's and earn some extra income even if you're working a regular 9-5 was not that hard and what I do in toolkit essentials give you a tool because I told her listen next year you can really make a killing because then you can I we have a list of the same people who order from you over and over again in an email platform you can send out sales you can send out what you doing next to these same people who was already bought from you so it's really important that you have like a list of people that you have contained in what you want to do alright so that's what toolkit essentials essentials does for someone who really doesn't know what they want to do yet it has an affiliate leg to it where you can just share the idea of this with other people you can come in and make fifty percent right out of the gate and if you want to make a hundred-percent commissions you can do that I'm by getting the tools which is the what you see on screen right there and it's a dollar to get started just add i'm going to click on that I'm these are the dollar trials these two right here i highly recommend the executive gonna make more money it's for a half of a month and it's pretty cool because you can get a lot done in 15 days right for a half of a month which is a lot of time you can get stuff done and i'm going to draw back the curtains and show you how you can get this done really quick and then login and i'm going to show you exactly what happens to you once you actually join for a dollar alright so you can login here and it's pretty cool this is this is something that's really cool so you see those a pop-up that comes in welcome to global back office we noticed you haven't completed your mission so when you first come in they're gonna push you to do these missions I'm and the missions are to help you understand what these tools do and how can help your business so right out the gate you're not wasting time there's a mission and accomplished in here and what you do is you just go to the first one I did the first one just you know to get started I've been doing this for three years so I know what the tools do but i'm going to reactivate this so you can see what it looks like and so when you click on here it's going to go to the first training so that she would do and look how smooth and creamy this is I mean this is like silk you just watch the training videos it's gonna explain what the mission accomplished is all about so you know exactly what is happening here and these videos these videos are very very short and well the first to a very short and once you're done doing this what happens is up here is going to be left open so it opens into a new what we call browsers up here and you just come back and you would just click on here right and then you would click mission accomplished and then you can go on to the next mission if you want to but what is encouraged is you go to the Facebook page right you go to Facebook page into global NPN our facebook page and as you can see and you would type in and you would type in who I don't know why this keeps coming up here uh-huh you typing hey i just completed our mission number one and let everybody know right and we're looking we're working on a few sales pages but as you can see i have completed training module 1 through 12 and what I would personally do hey Geoff plan and get back on this year ok I'm just going to scroll down a little bit more people who is actually doing here is another one i finish mission 5 blah blah i'm blown away by how easy it is to build a funnel and just the landing page if you know about npn early if I knew about npn earlier I would have seen a lot of money on other softwares and not just and not just talking about MP an architect update i finished watching so people are actually doing this you know people are actually coming through this and this is the reason why it's so great because you get the interaction you get action being done people are not just coming in and saying oh I don't know what to do what I don't know what do I do next move I don't know what to do you know I'm saying it's actually showing you exactly what you need to get done in order for this to to work for you so it's pretty cool I mean you can see that everybody's being active right people are not just sitting around doing nothing all right so it's pretty cool but what I'm gonna do for the people who actually join me is beyond just you shouting it out you coming you tell me because that's part of the mission to you coming you tell the person that brought you in here right now just a dollar fifteen days right and then you go in right and you tell i'm going to shout you out on my wall so this is me I get a lot of interactions with things that i do right people are interacting with me on my page so i don't have a dead page people are interacting with me at all times alright so once you come on here i have 2400 friends and I keep it I'm not trying to get to 5,000 I want people who are really my friends i'm doing a slow build this is people actually interact with and i will shout you out on my page i would say congratulations John kimberly Derek whatever-your-name-is for completing the mission and I'm going to tag you I'm going to tag you in that post and people are going to see it on your wall too so I'm gonna shout you out on my page and it's going to be tagged to your wall so make sure you have it released so that you can people can see and every time you complete a mission i'm going to big you up and I'm gonna do it in such a way that's going to be attractive on you also what will this do it'll do a couple of things going to make my wall look like something's happening in 2017 right something new something vibrant is happening and guess what's going to do to your wall it's going to start building up that that kind of curiosity so what is John Derek Kimberly Susan doing that this woman Sharon keeps on you know posting about and they're gonna get curious and you're just going to see ya at it and you're not going to say anything about the product don't marketing on your life while just say this is awesome this is great i can't believe upgraded you just figure it out okay that's all you're gonna do is big it up so that you can create create curiosity on your page and once people start getting curious on your page then they're going to start to ask you what are you doing John what are you doing what is this mission accomplished and then you can begin to you could see it on your wall you can inbox them whatever sending your will be fine if they're asking you on your wall when you can just say I'm blah blah i could we can start even taking this out to different marketing groups like I can say and just say that in different marketing groups that you know you're building that curiosity where people going to say what are you talking about blah blah and if they keep seeing that congratulations someone so congratulations on so even in these marketing groups to create curiosity where people start asking me what you're doing so that's what I'm gonna do for you outside of the global npn group because it's kind of like a family in there but I want to broadcast you throughout all like Twitter and all of that just just a normal I congratulations to somebody was doing some awesome work and so I think that would just be a really great organic way for you to get sales and to get people to start looking at you that's what I'm gonna be doing for my team so i'm going to be sharing a series of videos i'm i'm gonna probably link the my toolkit essentials to here to here so if you can see that so that also has global npn inside of two kids essentials and i'm going to start joining those two together making that like a complete package where you know I know a lot of people are interested in instant um instant income so this has resist instant and residual income that doesn't break the bank and you don't have to put a lot out um as far as monthly is concerned and it's going to have another leg that's going to have a higher ticket offer so if you want to promote higher a higher ticket offer that's good that's coming will soon i know that in the pipeline as well so it won't be confusing to anybody coming in alright so just wanted to share with you what's happening in 2017 and i hope this is going to be something that you're going to feel that you want to do alright so I hope this was helpful i'm going to sign up right now and hopefully you will you will be one of those people that will join i love you guys I'm gonna be vlogging a lot this year and i'm going to be sharing so much on this hangout take care and hope to talk to real soon bye for now.

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