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You’ve sold me on it, you’re Bud Fox.

You’re a killer salesman, and a genius atconvincing people to see things your way.

That’s why a career in Finance, especiallyon Wall Street, is good for you.

Getting onto Wall Street is easier than youmight think.

There are a few paths toward a degree in Finance.

Here are the options.

While there are no direct degree requirementsfor a career on Wall Street, some financial and market coursework will be helpful withbreaking in or trying to pass the required Series 7 exam.

Most programs focus on buildinga foundation that provides students core competencies in finance, business, and market analysis.

These programs can be anywhere from six months to a year.

For more versatility, a bachelor’s degreein Finance is offered by the majority of schools.

If your goal is to work on Wall Street, aBachelor’s Degree in Economics, Statistics, Financial Markets, or Business can also provideperfect jumping-off points for your career.

You need to be market savvy and understandnumbers to make those trades.

You know it just as well as we do.

Successnever just falls into your lap.

But with your new degree, you could be making million dollardeals in no time.

Click here to discover hundreds of schoolsthat can help you achieve your goal of working on Wall Street, and develop a course curriculumthat works with your already busy life.

Plus, it’s free! That’s the plan, now it’sup to you to take action.

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