Free Plus Shipping Marketing Funnel, Internet Marketing’s Secret Weapon To Grow Your Online Business

Hey! Miles Beckler here and in this videowe're going to look at one of the hottest funnels that out there the mostof the big-time marketers are using to create tons of customers, cash flow upfront and really really build their customer list in a way that allows themto drive more sales on the back end of the funnel.

Tthis is probably one of themost powerful front end of funnels that I've seen and this is what i'm working onbuilding and creating in my business and I'm going to go ahead and show you thefunnel and we're also going to look at the few examples of the different typesof ways people are using this final because you could you could do a lot ofdifferent things with it with a little creative funnel so we get myself out ofthe way here and pull up the the beautiful drawing of the funnel you'rewelcome and this is a free plus shipping funnelso a free plus shipping funnel in its essence is a free item all you have to do is pay shipping andthat's the entrance point of the funnel you'll notice that there is an upsellinvolved right so the offer you get to offer from your advertising is free plusshipping so you get a free book it could be afree CD it could be a free physical item will look at some of those all they payis shipping now one of the kind of like secrets of this that's probably not asecret is the vendor is usually break even on the free plus shipping so it'llbe maybe 695 shipping and handling where they're actually able to print the bookand deliver the book for six dollars and ninety-five cents and there exactlybreak even on that so their only loss is the cost of the pay-per-click to get youinto the funnel so after the free plus shipping you go to the checkout when youclick on buy they take you to an upsell page and this is where they're reallystarting to increase their cart value their average order value and this ishow they make the free plus shipping work on the first step now you need toknow that once you check out here you get on their email list and from the email list they're gonnamake other offers to you in the future some of these ones were going to look ati know for a fact they sell multi-thousand dollar products and someof them even have products that go up into the tens of thousands of dollarsand it all starts the funnel all begins with a free plus shipping so you go for the free plus shipping youcheck out at this point you're on their customer mailing list you get offered anadditional product that's generally going to be much higher value somewhere97 2 197 and if you say yes you get delivered if you say no they say thankyou and you get your free item in the mail so it's super simple one of thereasons this works so well is you get to use the marketing's favorite word threeso the advertisement you run on facebook or pinterest or YouTube or Googlewherever you're running your ads you can say get a free blank go here and thenyou might want to note just for clarity that they just pay shipping but thatthat promise of a free book or a free item is strong enough that it getspeople to take action it's a lot more valuable there's a lotmore perceived value in the free physical item than the free ebook thefree video that we've talked about in the previous funnels so let's go aheadand take a look at a few examples so this first one is a free t-shirt offerright so this guy's actually giving away a free t-shirt you choose your size downhere you click order and he's gonna be saying it somewhere shipping supplies sothere you go that's that's that's literally how he's mentioned he doesn'ttell you what shipping is so you would need to go into the funnel before youfigure out what that shipping cost is obviously this is marketed directlytowards people who like to carry guns in their pockets or purses or on their hipsas they wander around and so it's it's an American audience i know for a factthat the upsell after this is this American gun Association i believe it'sa 9 95 per month offer but it's a subscription offer so he goes around onfacebook and markets this free shirt people who have gone love shirts that show that they haveguns so they're like it's very compelling offer to that audience andthen they up-sell them with this 95 per month a garret American gun Associationand that up so happens instantly after the checkout and that's I guaranteethat's not all there offering over the course of time they're gonna sell otherproducts to the same people other things that they're gonna like possibly withthe same ipaq brand on them or other things I targets ammo who knows what islive events etc the next one we're going to look at is a survival business cardnow this is actually a clickbank offer so if your clickbank affiliate you couldpromote this and actually earn Commission's anytime someone purchasedthe follow-up products but you'll see they're giving away this metal it's likeslides into your your wallet and it's got all kinds of things right a water compass a wrench of flatheadscrewdriver knife age can opener saw blade so this is really marketed towardsthe prepper niche or the survivalist Mitch it's a physical product and youjust play shipping so they say right here shipping and handling not included Idon't know if they tell you how much the shipping handling is they don't this is a digital marketer product soit's one of ryan dices offers so the city this key thing converts likegangbusters and you'll notice you've got a little uh Robert Shelby's influencegoing on here you don't actually know how much you'regoing to have to pay until you enter your shipping details so they get youinto the cart before they tell you the shipping and that makes sense right soif I'm in the u.


my shipping is gonna be one thing but from Australia shippingmight be something totally different or they might rule me out in Australianot allow me to order this so i find it really interesting that they get a microcommitment from the user to click the button before actually letting him knowhow much they're gonna pay although they say you're going to paysomething and they don't say order now enter shippingdetails so it's a verylight commitment if you will and after this there's going to be an upsellanother product from them that you can also promote on clickbank is a credit card knife soit is kind of based on the same idea they manufacture these in china by thethousands they get an incredibly low cost per on these and then they're ableto offer them as a front-end so this again works for people who are reallyinto the everyday carry type concept the survivalists the preppers out there socampers hunters etc would love this kind of an offer and this is something thatyou can promote the last one is kind of more traditional i would say and this isa free book offer and this is russell Bronson's free plus shipping offer itsays.

com secrets book if you haven't read this book it's an absolutelyfantastic book I've gone through it multiple times now and every time I gothrough and I get a lot it talks about funnels and value laddersand it really is a powerful book i'm going to link you to this below i am anaffiliate of this so if you purchase any of the products that he offersafterwards because like I said there's upsells you no surprises but if you dopurchase any of those I would receive some sort of commission I don't even know what those would bebut ultimately I think it's worth your time to get this.

com secrets book andread through it because it's a really good book on how to build funnels andhow to build an online business but you'll notice he wrote full-on I meanthis is a full-on sales letter right he's got the video testimonials frompeople who are well known in the industry as Amazon testimonials in hereand really kind of shows you you can see we're on the right he talks about thethe value ladder and its really good content i really think that if you'reserious about internet marketing is one of the books that you definitely need toread so I'm just trying to show you as I scroll like how how aggressive of a salethis is and it's not aggressive in the sense of like bye-bye it's more when i say aggressive they puta lot of time and energy into this sales page so they're giving something forfree and they put a lot of time and money into it and that's because theyhave a back end of the funnel built in a way that they know for every book theygive away on average they're going to make x installers on the back end of the funnelnow you have the full right to go into this funnel to get the free book justpay shipping and say no thank you to all of the other upsells that they offerthat's that they account for that in their metrics right but enough peopletake them up on their upsells to make it worth it to them to continue toadvertise or to continue to pay affiliates to drive traffic to thisoffer so once again this is really it this iswhat i would consider kind of the the hip the the newest the the leading edgeof a marketing funnel right now and part of what makes us so special is you'regetting a physical item in their hands it really kind of does somethingpsychologically it makes people believe like wow this is a real business they'vegot their stuff together that they get to feel the quality of what you do sowhen you offer them future products they're like wow you know he actuallysent me that free book the content was great it was really professionally donei will go to their event that they're holding this $500 a ticket or whateverit is because you have the trust in the brand at that point these convert a lothigher than digital product only funnels right so the free report to the like theone-time offer after that's gonna have a lower conversion rate than these thesecan convert upwards of eight ten twelve fifteen twenty percent of traffic andwe're not converting just opt ins for converting them to customers and that'sthat's really powerful because your customer list has a higher likelihood ofbuying from you in the future than your prospect list so the customer list isthe most valuable list the prospect list is number to both lists are great andagain this is kind of one of the advanced funnels so this is what i'mworking on currently i'm working on a CD based offer i'm working on a book basedoffer for our niche i'm really excited about it there's a little bit more logistics thatyou have to put together because there's fulfillment i don't i'm not i don'treally have a home base i am kind of nomadic so it's not like i canjust have a bunch of these in my garage and and run down to the mail house andmail them when I'm in Thailand or new zealand or wherever I'm going to be nextyear so i'm looking at the logistics I'd but you could just as easily dosomething like this from your home if you do have a home base and you can runan offer like this yourself very very simple so if you're an advanced marketerif you're wondering what the next level is if you feel like your digital funnelshaven't been performing as well as they should this is the final you want to considerso I do thank you very much for your time again my name is Miles bechler goahead and leave me a comment below i'm very interested to hear what you thinkabout this funnel or if you're running something like this shoot me a link in a comment I'd love tosee what your funnel looks like and take a look also take a moment and click thesubscribe button and the subscribe button will make sure you're notifiedwith the next video as it comes out i'm on a content creating rampage here andi'm laying it all out on teaching everything that these successfulmarketers and myself as a sec successful marketer everything we're doing togenerate lifestyle businesses and to generate multiple six-figure incomebusinesses from home or from wherever so I go ahead and give me a comment clickthe subscribe thank you very much for your time and i will see you on the nextvideo.

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