Finding your dream job: accountancy and finance – Episode 1

Having the ACCA qualification on your CV will putyou in demand.

It will demonstrate you have the rightknowledge and skills to be an asset to any organization.

But it can be challenging to get thetraining you need to become a member, especially if you were just starting outin the working world.

But don't worry you're not alone.

Manyof our ACCA members felt just like you when they were starting out too.

So here is some guidance and advice to lead you through the job search andinterview process.

Stay positive, put our advice into action and you will be on your way to success.

There are certain skills that you might have that other people don't, or certain things that you enjoy so it's really about finding, especially with all the options that we have, making sure that that you find the right role for you.

Once you've done that soul searching, so you really know what that job is, find out what are the best organizations that hire people in those jobs.

You've got to make sure that it's going tobe the correct career choice for you, particularly after all those years of training you want to make sure that you are inthe right place.

I started using search engines, I looked at different jobs to see what was kind of out there on the market.

Particularly I found the ACCA careers portal really useful.

Loads of information for me on how Icould get into the right career for me, and once I'd found it I looked at my qualifications and tried to to mold them in a way that would be perfect to fit that job.

And beyond that I could then look at the specific companies websites and see exactly what they were offeringin terms of the role I would be fulfilling.

What their long-term goals and aims areand matching that to where I wanted to be, looking at people that I wanted to belike.

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