Finance Minsiter calls on workers on strike to return to job

Korea's top economic policymaker has calledon striking workers to return to their jobs,.

especially in view of the current economicconditions.

Shin Se-min has the details.

A call to get back to work.

Korea's Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho Mondaymorning urged striking union members to return to their jobs,… considering the factorsthat are hindering Korea's economic growth.

Both the Korean Railway Workers' Union ANDthe truckers' union are on strike,… unhappy about the government's reform plans.

The railway workers are protesting a planto expand a merit-based pay system,… which the workers claim will lead to firings.

And the truckers are demanding the governmentscrap its plan to eliminate certain regulations in their industry… that'll result in morecargo trucks on the road, and thus lower transport charges for them.

As for the national budget for next year,…the Finance Minister said with the parliamentary audit session nearing its end,… the NationalAssembly will take up the budget bill next week.

Minister Yoo said it's important that thebudget plan gets passed on time to make sure it's effective.

Shin Se-min, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube

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