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When I said I wanted to work in financepeople told me you'll just be a small cog in a big machine.

No I won't, I want to work somewhere I'm empowered to influence decisions and can make a real contribution to the business.

You'll be a cog.

No I won't, my colleagues work collaboratively underone roof, not fragmented offices all over the world.

I want somewhere I can reallydevelop with the opportunity to build a successful and rewarding career.

I wanttraining tailor-made for a career in finance including programs to build mytechnical knowledge, courses to improve my personal effectiveness andsponsorships to study.

I want all of this to be built around my needs andwork commitments.

I want to work in a business that embraces new and leading technology to support my financial analysis.

Where I can use my analytical skills toengage with the business to give the insights they need to drive performance.

You're just gonna be a cog.

Cut it out.


Whether you're aqualified accountant or just starting your career, Nationwide supports you as an individual to be the best.

Where you can develop your career, where you can make a real difference, where you'll put the customer at the heart of everything youdo.

Where I can be the professional that I want to be.

Nationwide, no cogs allowed.

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