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My name’s MacFarlane Jean-Pierre.

I’vebeen with Kforce since April of 2012.

I’m a finance and accounting consultant and currentlyI’m an AP specialist.

In my everyday role, I’m doing the basic AP functions, accountspayable, which is processing and making sure all the vendor information for the companyI am staffed with is correct.

It’s really important for me to gain a goodidea of what that candidate wants to do long term and from there I’m really able to thinkabout what steps are important for him to take to get there.

over the time working withMacFarlane, he has been able to build off of each assignment and through doing so he’snow become more marketable In my experience with other staffing agencies,not every staffing specialist will take the time to make sure that the position is theperfect fit for you and to make sure that you’ll be successful in the position thatthey place you in.

One of the major benefits is we have a relationshipwith the managers out there.

We know what these clients are looking for, we know whatskills are important to them.

We provide advice related to their resume, we can prepare thembetter for interviews to prepapre them to be a more marketable candidate.

Having a staffing specialist at Kforce isjust one of the biggest benefits that someone can have because the staffing specialist isconnected, they have resources, they can get you into positions.

They care if you’reworking, they care if the position is going to work out for you.

I just have these opportunities- the big companies that I never thought I’d even be able to walk into — and these experiencesthat I’m able to put on my resume.

This company is like, one of the best things that’sever happened to me.

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