Eric Cantor and the inside JOBS act: an invitation to commit fraud!

Back to the Future – one of my favorite movies.

Literally fantasize about the ability to go back in time and make investments, with the advantage of knowing what It will happen.

Congressman Eric Cantor, must be either a movie buff or share my fantasy.

Eric Cantor is the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives and even it is in the Financial Services Committee.

But that did not stop him from proposing bright idea of ​​bringing back the bubble economy through the stimulus bill to create new businesses.

also known as the JOBS Act.

It is really a great work.

is an inside job, that will make us win a lot of money.

There muchs very good things in the law, but what I like is that if you are starting a new business less than $ 1 trillion dollars, you can contribute for 4 years in a without its audited financial statements receive American market.

What a nice, no? For 4 years, I can say whatever you want about my business unfruitful.


we must clarify that the $ 999 million we said we won and everyone.

actually invested were $ 9.

And I can not do nothing.

God bless Majority Leader Eric Cantor, for this exquisite and legal invitation for Comenter "financial engineering.

" For any CFO is like a erotic dream, because now we're really going.

back to the future! This was the formula for success of everyone on Wall Street, when the Nasdaq was hitting 5000.

Largely was driven by public offers of companies without any audits.

That was 12 years ago and many of the companies that led Nasdaq already so high nor there.

Since then we have had 12 years of income and real companies and the Nasdaq even It has come close to that record high.

And it is because reforms were implemented and they have not been enough false profits or false projections to inflate it again.

Until now.

This bipartisan bill, proposed by a Republican law and fact Democratic President Obama exposes the reality that both Republicans and Democrats we understand that we have to make people put their money – their savings and pensions – Back in the bag.

So that we can grasp.

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