Easiest Way To Make A Passive Income Earning Money Online – My Paying Ads Business Strategy

Easiest Way To Make A Passive Income Earning Money Online – My Paying Ads Business Strategy coming to you from Beijing in China now today's r24 November 2016 and tomorrow is my birthday so I'm quite looking forward to this I've already got a big box and that's being delivered today so I'm quite looking forward to opening and that and see what is basically i'm pretty sure it's a birthday give but anyway today I want to show you guys and an opportunity to really help me to to live my lifestyle while some here in China and I'm telling you guys this thing is built to last is longevity is insane and the structure and everything is basically stable enough for you guys to get yourself involved in and see how much potential this really has so right now I just want to show you this little video is going to introduce you what this company is about and then we're going to go back and look into my results as of today and compare that to last week so you guys can see how much potential is really in here now before i show you my current progress in mpa I just want to quickly explain for those of you who don't quite know what my paying ads is all about so basically they are an advertising company that provide a share of revenue to paying advertisers and they have various advertising options available but in order to benefit from making money with advertising you just simply purchase an ad pack and in return you get back a hundred and twenty percent of your writings or in other words you're getting a twenty percent profit for every ad pack purchase so you know think of it like this i'm an online marketer who is in need of quality advertising in order to promote my website or business that I have to offer I decide to join a professional and very stable rideshare company which offers multiple advertising services then from here i can then purchase advertising that is suitable to my needs or I'm also able to greatly benefit from purchasing advertising and earning some revenue from the company so essentially i'm being paid to advertise my own stuff and this is really amazing I'm telling you right now this has changed my life drastically I've been able to buy two really amazing dogs i'm living a laptop lifestyle was living abroad in china and it's all thanks to this company for helping me to achieve that lifestyle there's very few rideshare companies like this that it take their business seriously and a structured for long-term growth I'm not talking about months i'm talking about years and my paying ads have never miss out on a payment in over 18 months they pay out seven days a week and have currently paid out over 16 million dollars to advertisers and which is just a crazy amount as you can imagine and one thing you should know is that my paying ads greatly improve its returning customer rate so you know just like with any business a returning customer is far better than a one-time customer so that's one of the reasons why it's important to have a professional services that deliver and having an attractive awful service to support the greater game for the company and its members and my paying ads does exactly that I honestly think that you love this so before you sign up and give it a try i want to show you my current progress from today right now ok guys so what we're looking at right now is an overview of last week so we'll basically we're looking at eight days ago and what we are currently looking at along here are my stats as of last week from my account in my paying ads now if we take a look video we've got a hundred and fifteen referrals so I've always really appreciate you guys who have been signing up and you know there's a lot of great things come in and there's a lot of support and I usually find myself quite supportive in that cases you have had a lot of them Thank You comments and you know some really nice comments of people being really happy that they're on my team as well because for you guys you know if you really need to help know about how difficult it seems or anything like that all step in and be able to help you guys out as well so rest assured if you are considering joining my team at all you know don't hesitate to ask me any questions you know whatever you ask me comments on YouTube or whether you add me on facebook no by all means just getting contact with me you know clear all those doubts and get started today because this is something that is much better to get started sooner rather than later so i want to see you guys if you want to get yourself involved and i'm going to show you all those details at the end of this video now what else we can see just longer the active at pax along he was 490 free so there's four different stages of a practice that you combine as five dollars there's ten dollar ad packs there's $25 and it's also fifty-dollar adpacks as well now right now I'm purchasing i'm up to the level 4 which is unlimited so I'm buying a fifty-dollar packs into to build those levels up but as of right now i'm taking a large chunk of money out and i'll show you guys that in the back end and to really support myself in the long run so i got a strategy involved it's going to really help me out for the long term and then I can start working on maxing out this system which will be two hundred dollars per day now one thing one last thing I just want to show you along here is my ad pack earnings look at this guy's 27,500 $59 that is a substantial amount of money as a as you can probably agree you know I mean this thing basically the way this has been building up is from compounding earnings so basically the moment my balance of my earning balance gets to a certain amount then i will purchase another ad packs say for example on the fourth level and they cost fifty dollars want my account gets to fifty dollars then i buy another pack as soon as it gets to fifty dollars again then I'll Easiest Way To Make A Passive Income Earning Money Online – My Paying Ads Business Strategy periods throughout a day where I can withdraw its safety withdrawal limit as well I'm not explain it to you a little bit more once we get inside so this was last week now that's going to take a look at this week and compare the results okay so we're just going to go and into my back in just along here now you can see my earning balance along here is sending a hundred ninety free what I'm going to be doing is withdrawing two hundred dollars from my Bitcoin account so you know this is going to need you know maybe later this evening just to to withdraw that amount so maybe I don't know maybe 10 or 11pm tonight this would be enough for me to be able to withdraw from that balance as well now this is take a look at this a hundred and thirty-nine referrals so also the last little week or so I've been having quite a lot of people sign up and I've been getting a lot of questions from you guys as well we've been contemplating webbot want to get involved with what the best strategy to is and strategy is to to get to where you want to be so whatever income goals you have whether it's five dollars ten dollars twenty-five dollars a day fifty dollars a day or a hundred dollars per day you know whatever the case is you can definitely get there with this system with my paying ads you can definitely get there now it will depend on how much you start with that depends on how far shore progress is but just keep in mind that this is built for long-term so no matter where you start it doesn't matter you will get there eventually to get started sooner rather than later and then your account is going to build up in earning so if we just take a look at this the only balance along here ok so right now it's a hundred ninety free say for example you've chosen solid trust pay now when it gets some five dollars what you would do you would go back in and purchase another ad pack so buying out of five dollar right back on that now I could i purchase a lot more with my my bitcoin like and start purchasing fifty-dollar packs right now on I'm looking to withdraw that two hundred dollars from that so I'm not and put it back into the system as of yet but my strategy is once I've got my financial situation out the way with like december is a very heavy month for me so I'm taking a large amount out now once that's been taken out then i will a hundred percent compound my earnings so put back everything in so as soon as it as soon as all these balances get to fifty dollars or whatever I need to cover for my ads packs then i will just purchase again purchase again inside the system and keep building this up and when you start compounding you will really see how fast your account builds now look at this now let you can see here my active attacks have gone down that's because I'm not withdrawing I'm not putting back into the system as if you have just taken out a large essential amount of money to support myself for the future and this is something you have to see for the long run you can't you know it's not just about the money this is about financial situations that you might need to and cover for yourself so it might be builds it might be pain towards a car you know it might be a student fees or you know you covering for like children or anything like that you know whatever the case is you can use is to support yourself in so many ways i recently last week I had to go to and South China and I needed something to take care of my dogs for me so you know from my paying ads that covered that service for me you know i was able to get them to stay there for four days and you know that feels covered just from my paying ads and it's those little things that can really help you out in the long run so if you get started now you know sometime next year you're going to really start seeing the benefits from doing this and this is something you definitely want to get yourself involved in because it honestly guys it will really help you out in so many ways like it has done for me now look at its ad pack earnings 29,000 606 dollars i showed you last week's results just take a look at this again 20 7559 last week and that this week 20 9660 hours this is crazy every time like every single day every single week I do overviews of this account this thing just keeps on growing and you can see right here this is going to get over it $50,000 just imagine 30 thousand dollars this is going to be insane so if this finger just been helping out in so many different ways and like when you stop compounding inside the system you know when you know if you're going to join this start compounding your earnings inside the system start building this up because you will see how much potential this really has and then you can start taking out safety withdrawal limits so what I mean by that is so you can start withdrawing like say for example fifty dollars a day without it affecting your ad packs your ad pack current stats so to speak so you can start withdrawing fifty dollars a day seven days a week constantly until the life of my paying ads you know and without affecting your stats at all now obviously you will be buying on a constant basis as well and you're earning for differentiate from that but honestly this is something that's really going to help you in so many different ways and obviously the advertising is a bonus as well because you're advertising and you getting paid at the same time so this is truly so you guys definitely want to get yourself involved in the last thing i want to show you guys is my current withdrawals ok so I'm going to go to my withdrawal history and i'm just going to scroll down just a long it's going to be a tab here so 100 so we're looking at the last 100 results okay now what you can see right along if you look closely and november 24th my got that Easiest Way To Make A Passive Income Earning Money Online – My Paying Ads Business Strategy like a two-hundred-dollar withdrawal here and that's currently pending November 22nd that's pending but i know i'll receive that improving the next few hours and then recorded these 21st twenty nineteen 18 17 $200 all the way down here and then dun dun dun dun dun you can see further down there started taking out my safety withdrawal limit before i was in a position to before I made the decision to take out lots of central amount of money to support myself in the long run because I'm involved in different things and these things are solid and they're structured in a way and there's already been around for centuries as well and he said something is going to rebuild as stability for me so that when i come back to my paying ads you know I can compound a hundred percent of the earnings still live a comfortable lifestyle here in China and achieve the results i want to achieve in building a successful business online so this is something you guys definitely definitely want to get yourself involved in and if you want to join my team honestly i really look forward to you being a part of my team if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask in YouTube clients don't hesitate to add me on facebook and here's a video on how you can sign up right now ok so the best way for you to join will be too once you finish watching one of my videos what you're going to want to do it just to come down here and where it says join with me here i'm going to give you a direct link if you click on show more i'm also going to give you another link to my facebook so if you guys have got any questions or you know you just want to reach out to me or anything like that don't hesitate to contact me on facebook as well but for now we're just going to click on this link here and right now it's going to take me to the homepage ok so the very first thing you're going to want to do is on the top right hand corner it says sign up so once we click on this it is now going to take me to the registration page now this is crucial the very first thing you're going to want to check is that the sponsor says Steve in China ok if it doesn't if it says someone else's name or it has NPA admin which is a default what you need to do is to click on change and then simply type in Steve in China and then you can change it from there this is crucial because a lot of people have been signing up under mpa admin and they can't change it once you've registered so you know it's very important that you make sure it says stephen china before because once you guys are on my team you know i'm going to be helping you every step of the way and once I've max out the system i'm going to be sharing some of my commissions with you guys as well so you know it's just I help you progress and develop in my paying ads as we go along ok so just make sure that says stephen china and then we're all good now the next lot of field you need to figure out which is very basic like your names email username and your password ok so at once everything is filled up from here agree to the terms and conditions and then register then you're going to get go through the normal process email confirmation start from someone and so forth and once you've done that and we need to go back to the homepage and to login ok so let me just said the catch cold in here login now every time you log in you're always going to see a log in at these are very very popular and i was going to pay for one but then I didn't realize it's booked up until maybe free mumps you know ahead so people are paying for these the pain maybe two hundred dollars at time for their login ads so I'm you know they're very very popular so we're just going to wait for this to just for this video loads I'm just gonna wait for this time it's a countdown ok so right now you you're right your dashboard along here I mean you can it might be a little bit overwhelming to begin with but the very first thing you're going to want to do is again just check my sponsor says stephen China along here and then it has it will give you my email address as well as if you need to contact me through email by all means contact me free that but like i said before contact me on facebook because i'll be more than happy to assist you on there as well now the very first thing you're going to want to do on your left hand side you're going to want to select finance I'm sorry I account activity and then click on profile now you can fill out some basic information here like your name I mean your name is essential anyway but the very most important thing is your payment processor ok so what you're going to want to do you can select from Peazer solid trust pay perfect money coin payments and to pay for you paypal is a temporary payment processor because when the funds were frozen before and they had to shift over the payments from paypal so we no longer use paypal because it's just honestly it's just a headache and no override share uses paper anymore because I just you know they're very wishy-washy and we don't necessarily want that in a business anyway so I mean personally i'm using Bitcoin I think bitcoin to win win and I think maybe probably the other firm popular payment processors will be paisa and solid trust pay so by all means select one of these set these up and make sure that your preferred payment processor is also selected ok so once that has been selected and you you've made the payment processor secure to yours you can just go through and out any other information if you need to personally I haven't done so but what you can do after that is move on to purchase an ad pack and then it would take you freed estate so once you purchase an ad pack you can just let me just bring you along here so it's basically gonna explain the plan so you've got your plan one you plan to and the credits that you can learn from your advertising as well ok so once you once you've done that you need to set up a new banner ad so before you can buy an ad pack and you're going to want to set up some balance okay so you can have a maximum of ten along here so once you set these up and what you're going to want to do is then buy an ad pack don't want to add clicks you want to buy an ad pack because that ensures that you have revenue share earnings and when when you've earned your initial hundred percent so basically each ad pack that we purchase we get back a hundred and twenty percent so what you want to do is select them by adpacks i'll just give you a quick example here and then we can select the purchase so on my plan force which is a fifty-dollar ad pack and then you'll go through some banners up along here and then it's pretty much simple from now I mean you select your payment processor it would take you through how to pay for that and then it would just go from there to be honest so you know by all means if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask me on Facebook this is honestly guys this is very simple and you're going to enjoy this so much so like I said before is much better to get started sooner rather than later so until then stay awesome and i'll talk to Easiest Way To Make A Passive Income Earning Money Online – My Paying Ads Business Strategy.

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