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HD, Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate of Philosophy briefly abbreviatedas PhD or D.

Phil, is the highest attainable degree in any field as such.

It does not haveto be particularly in the field of medical.

It is basically a post grad degree awardedby many universities or institutions to the students interested in learning more abouttheir concerned subject.

Ever wondered what counts to as a gettinga doctorate degree? PhD is a degree a candidate earns by bagging a bachelors degree of threeto four years in any college.

Doctorate of Philosophy can be counted in any of the subjectsranging from Physics to English.

Then the candidate has to look upon his area of interestin which he can master the subject which takes an estimate of two years.

Then comes over the task of working as a professor or lecturer to a group of students to whomyou have to teach the subject which has been mastered upon by you.

This phase includesresearch analysis in the subject you have mastered which has to be written, analyzed,and discovered and interpret the subject in a totally different way.

Also, there is anoral examination, commonly known as viva, is being conducted wherein you are being presentedin front of the external faculty which decides whether you are capable enough to get thedoctoral degree.

Also, a candidate who attains this degree is highly surmised as a doctor.

Here are the following subjects in which youcan attain a master degree: • PhD in Biology• PhD in French Literature • PhD in arts and humanities• PhD in social sciences • PhD in natural sciences• PhD in business • PhD in health and educationA PhD degree could be attained only after acquiring a bachelor's degree and a master'sdegree in the same subject as such.

However, there are many career options afterattaining the highest degree of PhD.

One can try their hands in Consulting wherein MBAgraduates are preferred mostly.

Similarly, entrepreneurship is the best career for businesspost grads.

Government, law, finance are amongst the various career options which a studentcan opt for after completing their tenure of P.

HD Following is a list of top colleges in India that boasts about providing the best of PhDcourses: • Indian institute of technology Delhi• Indian institute of technology Bombay • Indian Institute of technology Madras• Indian institute of technology Kanpur • Indian institute of technology Kharagpur• Indian institute of technology Roorkee • Indian institute of technology Guwahati• University of Mumbai • University of Calcutta• University of Delhi The pay of a PhD candidate depends upon threefactors majorly, years of experience and a PhD degree as well as position of the manager.

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